Apr 18, 2011

Omani Cuisine and Best Burger Friends Again

Fortunately the dispute between Best Burger and the Omani Cuisine has come to a close. Best Burger sent me an email today saying that they have no intention of taking legal action, that they have decided to take the matter in a constructive manner and that they would be looking forward to have me come visit them again to experience the changes they make in the future.

I would like to wish Best Burger the best of luck and I will be looking forward to see how they move positively forward.

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    Congratulations to Best Burger for stepping up to resolve the matter. nAnd a very big congratulations to OmaniCuisine. nThis is a landmark event for customer service and F&B in Oman. Remember it.

  • Eta Architect

    Its a good news…now i can visit Best Burger again. Anyway the headline makes me lol:D

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