Jun 7, 2011

O Sole Mio – Shatti Al Qurum

O Sole Mio (2460 1343) is an Italian restaurant located in Jawharat Al Shatti mall on the right side before D’Arcy’s Kitchen.

O Sole Mio is a pretty big restaurant with loads of tables, but it kinda looks ugly and is not very appealing. During day time the place is at least bright and airy, but at night it can be dark and miserable inside. I don’t know if there are people who dig this kind of look to a restaurant, but I surely don’t. There was barely anyone else at O Sole Mio during lunch time when we were there, I think that the place gets a bit more crowded at night.

O Sole Mio has an extensive menu with cold starters, hot starters, salads, soups, pastas, risottos, pizzas, and many more kinds of Italian dishes. It is fully licensed so it serves alcohol and uses wine and pork as an ingredient in many of its dishes – those who do not drink alcohol or eat pork would have to watch out because the Arabic translation of the ingredients for some reason omits the fact that such an ingredient is used, so read the English text instead.

For the main course we had a Calamari Fritti (RO 3.900) in which the squid was perfectly fried and came with a delicious dip. I thought the portion was big and can easily shared with one or two people.

For the main course I had a Petto Di Pollo Del Sole Mio (RO 7.500) which had a chicken breast cooked with cream, saffron, chili, capers, and oregano, my friend had a Penne Alfredo (RO 4.800) which was penne pasta with mushrooms, chicken, cream, and parmesan cheese. I am not usually a big fan of cream but I really enjoyed my Petto Di Pollo and the combination in it of saffron and chilis was really nice.

Unfortunately we did not get the chance to try any of the desserts at O Sole Mio. For the drinks I had a lemon mint which was pretty good.

In total we ordered one starter, two mains, two juices, and a large bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 23.600.

I thought that the service at O Sole Mio was good, the food I had came quickly and as ordered.

O Sole Mio might not be the trendiest place in town, but their food is still awesome. Come here if you want to have fancy Italian food.