Nov 23, 2009

Narjeel – Shatti Al Qurum

Narjeel - Shatti Al Qurum

Narjeel (Telephone: 2456 0606) is a Thai restaurant in Shatti Al Qurum. The restaurant is located at the somewhat dodgy Asas Oman hotel apartments in Shatti. If you are coming from the CCC and going towards Crowne Plaza along the Qurum Park road, you take the right turn after the small roundabout and before the little mosque.


Narjeel is not a super fancy restaurant, but it feels authentic. Unlike the dodgy feel of the hotel and the sign of Narjeel, the restaurant inside is quite spacious and feels welcoming. We went for a meal on Friday evening and the restaurant (and hotel) seemed empty. During our entire meal there wasn’t anybody else other than us in the restaurant.

Narjeel- Tom Yum Koong

Narjeel is a Thai restaurant and serves a number of soups, salads, starters, Thai main courses, seafood, and a number of others things as well. For the starters we had a Tom Yum Koong (RO 3.800) which was a spicy seafood soup cooked with vegetables. The portion of the soup was very large and it was a bit spicy even though was asked for the mild version of it, but we still enjoyed it thoroughly.

Narjeel - Panang Meat

Our first main course was a Panang Meat dish (RO 4.5) which had slices of meet cooked in a spicy thai sauce and other herbs. I am not an expert in Thai food, but I did not like the taste of this dish. That is not to say that there was anything wrong it, but it was just not our cup of tea.

Narjeel - Chicken Kapow

The second dish we ordered was a Chicken Kapow (RO 3.8) which was another dish of chicken shreds cooked in a spicy thai sauce and green beans. The description of the dish clearly stated that it is cooked in a spicy sauce, but we did not expect it to be THAT spicy. I thought the dish was good, but way too spicy we couldn’t even finish it.

Narjeel Orange

The main courses do not come with anything so we also ordered a plate of steamed rice (RO 0.5) and another plate of plain noodles (RO 0.5). The main courses came with a complimentary plate of orange slices which I think are supposed to be had while eating the main course to cool off the spiciness of the main course.

Narjeel - Pina Colada

For the drinks we had a Pina Colada (RO 1.5), a non-alcoholic coconut and pineapple juice mix, which was really well made. We did not try any of the desserts.

In total we ordered two soups, two main courses, two side dishes, and two fresh juices, our bill came out at RO 23.800.

The service at Narjeel was excellent and the food quickly arrived, except for our chicken main course which the waiter forgot to write on his notepad and which we didn’t notice was missing when he repeated the order.

I liked the soup and juice I had at Narjeel, but I was not crazy about the main course probably because we did not expect them to be as spicy as they were and because we did not ask for recommendations on what to have. However, I can understand why people are crazy about the restaurant and I think I would go again to try some more authentic Thai food.

  • bathmateus

    nice posting….


  • Thank u very much 4 ur honest review of our restaurant, we at Narjeel really appreciate guest like yourself 2 express what they like and don't. we have new management now & will even work harder 2 please our guests

  • Thanks for passing by Narjeel! I know a lot of people who love your restaurant, keep up the good work! 😀

  • hatimalfarsi

    i had bad experinc in narjeel restaurant 🙁
    i've been to the restuernt with my family on the 1st of january. i was realy exited to try the resturent and i had a very good embrition at first when i was in. the decoration, the menue and the smile on your staff face was realy comforting me. i was realy thinking of inviting several of my friends.
    unfortanly i had two complains about the resturent that made me leave the resturant without eating my food.
    1- is that i had a cockroach in my soup and i found it after i had half of my soup. that was so disappointed for me realy and i got realy upset about it.
    2- when i represnted my complain to the waitress. she went talk talk to the sheff. i expected the shef to come a pologies to me or even the manger seeing that this wasnt an easy thing or even normal.
    right now am realy disappointed about it. i guess a got a very bad embrition about it and even my family did.

  • Sorry to hear about what happened to your Hatim, I hope your comment reaches the management of the restaurant.

  • We are very sorry to hear about your story. Even though we could not verify the incident, as the previous management have been replaced with a new since three month back. the waiter you are referring was the manager herself. Narjeel would sincerely like to make up with the guest even though we realize how unpleasant the incident might have been. As a request, please leave a contact number at the restaurant 24560606 and will contact you back

    the management team

  • Thanks for responding Narjeel. Hope this incident doesn't happen again!

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  • Ranz

    I loved my experience there and everything i ate 😀 

  • Anna

    Is it still open !! I went there several times and it was closed ?