Jun 20, 2011

Mydan – Millennium Resort (Al Mussanah)

I was invited by the Millenium Resort in Mussanah (Telephone: 2687 1555) to try out Mydan – their buffet and a la carte restaurant. Millenium Resort is a bit less than a 100 kilometers away the capital, and it is remembered by many as the resort that hosted the Asian Beach Games in 2010.

We visited Millennium on a working day and there were no special events or conferences held, so the place was quiet and barely anybody else at all was at the restaurant. The Mydan restaurant is located on the right side of the main building of the hotel and has a breathtaking ocean view. There are tables outside all along the marina, but sitting outside is the not the best idea at this time of the year due to humidity and the heat.

Mydan does not serve a specific cuisine but a mix of continental, Mediterranean and Indian food. It has a pretty extensive menu with cold and hot starters, salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, grills, sandwiches, and other main courses. Mydan is fully licensed so some of its dishes may contain bacon and/or alcohol.

At the start of our meal we were treated with a variety bread basket that came with butter and oil dips.

For the starter we ordered a plate of cold lebanese mezze selection (RO 4) that had  hommous, tabouleh, muttabal, feta cheese, and pickles and came with Arabic bread. I liked the greens and the cheese, but the homous wasn’t not very remarkable. We also had a lentil soup (RO 2.8) and market salad (RO 3.5), the lentil soup was nice, consistent and well flavored.

For the main course we had one plate of Roganjosh (RO 7.5) – boneless lamb cooked in traditional indian spices served with basmati rice, and one plate of grilled tiger prawns (RO 8 ) that came with couscous and seasonal salad. I really like the lamb curry I had, the beef was well cooked, tender and nicely thready and it was really awesome how it was served with a small plate that had two slices of onion, lemon, atchar, and two thin long green chilis for that spicy kick you need when having your rice and meat – it was great and I enjoyed it! The grilled tiger prawns excellent especially when dipped in the lemon sauce that came with it.

For the dessert we had a double devil (RO 3.5) – a chocolate brownie topped with vanilla and whipped cream. and place in the middle of a sauce of mixed raspberry, vanilla, and chocolate. I thought that it was great and the addition of raspberry to the sauce was a surprisingly nice addition that added some sweet freshness to the mix.

I thought the service at Mydan was great, our starters took a bit of time to be brought to our table, but we did not mind the wait as we enjoyed the the sipping our drinks overlooking the ocean. I thought the staff were very cheerful and friendly and our food was delivered as ordered.

If you are coming to Millennium Resort in Al Mussanah you would enjoy your food here.