Mar 31, 2014

Muscat’s Most Delicious Chocolate Desserts

Muscat's Most Delicious Chocolate Desserts

At times life can get hard, mean, and painful, but then … suddenly … this dangerous, obscene, bowl of gooey chocolate goodness comes out of nowhere and fixes everything. In celebration of these special moments, this post will highlight the most delicious warm chocolate desserts you can have in Muscat.

Take a deep breath and then click on the link below.

5- Shakespeare & Co’s Chocolate Fondant
Shakespeare & Co - Chocolate Fondant

Even though we complained about its crust in our official review of Shakespeare & Co, this chocolate beauty had to get its moment of acclaim even if only because it was featured in a pornographic film. Shakespeare’s Chocolate Fondant (RO 3.400) is a simple warm chocolate cake with a molten core and comes with vanilla ice cream on the side.

4- Chili’s Molten Chocolate Cake
Molten Chocolate Cake - Chili's

Adored by millions worldwide, the Molten Chocolate Cake (RO 3.800) of Chili’s cannot ever disappoint. This famous dessert is made up of a small mountain of chocolate goodness filled with warm chocolate and topped with a vanilla ice cream ball coated in a thin frozen sheet of chocolate. People are so crazy about this desserts there are about a 1000 YouTube videos showing people eating it or trying to clone it at home.

3- Richoux’s Hot Cake Pudding
Richoux's Hot Cake Pudding

As a relatively new comer, Richoux’s Hot Cake Pudding (RO 3.600) can be easily confused with a famous dessert served at B+F, but closer examination of this hot delicacy shows that it is unique for being made up of hot fudge and not brownie and its ice cream is topped with chocolate syrup and nuts for an extra level of richness if the pudding was not enough for you already!

2- B+F‘s Chocolate Brownie Pudding
B+F's Chocolate Brownie Pudding

Worshipped by all the guys and gals standing in line for up to 40 minutes to get a table a table at B+F Roadside Diner, the Chocolate Brownie Pudding (RO 3.250) is a dangerous bowl of chocolate brownie goodness mixed with pecans, chocolate sauce and toffee cooked in an oven and severed with vanilla ice cream on the side. We believe that sharing is caring, but we will not judge you if you choose to never share this pudding with anybody else on the table.

1- Slider Station‘s Orea Crusted Fondant
Oreo Crusted Fondant - Slider Station

Nothing compliments the hip interior of Slider Station or its breathtaking outside seating area overseeing the ocean more than the mind blowing Oreo Crusted Fondant (RO 2.950) with its Oreo coated hard shell, orgasmic warm gooey chocolate core and the exotic white chocolate ice cream on the side topped wasabi crumble. This fondant is truly a gift from the chocolate gods!

These were our most favourite chocolate desserts found in town, what are yours?