Jan 7, 2013

More Cafe – Opera Galleria

More Cafe - Opera Galleria

More Cafe (Telephone: 2202 2555 – [geolocation]) is a restaurant chain from the UAE that has recently opened at the Opera Galleria. It is located on the second floor of the right side wing of the Opera Galleria.

More Cafe - Opera Galleria

More Cafe is very large in size and spacious. It is bright, colorful, and has cosy yet sleek look. I came on a weekday evening and the place was relatively crowded, the crowd seemed to be mostly adults coming as couples or groups.  The menu of More Cafe has a whole day break section and a variety of main courses from all sorts of cuisines. It serves noodles, sandwiches, curries, burgers, you name it. I personally thought the menu was too long and confusing.

More Cafe - Opera Galleria

I heard that the starters at More Cafe are huge in size, so I didn’t want to go for one and instead decided to go for a ‘sandwich’, so I ordered a Tandoori Style Brazilian Sandwich (RO 5.6). I asked if the sandwich came with fries and the waiter told me no, so I thought OK, I’ll order some fries on the side.

To my surprise the sandwich turned out to be the thing you see above. There was a piece bread on top and a piece of bread below, but I am still not sure if this transforms it from a salad to a sandwich. I really liked the chicken and thought the dish was creative and fun to have, but I was just annoyed that I expected it to be a sandwich, when it turned out not to be. Next time I won’t be surprised if I ordered another sandwich and it turned out to be a bowl of soup with two breads.

More Cafe

I also tried a Apple & Blueberry Crumble with Creme Anglaise (RO 3.5), which I thought was OK, but a bit too heavy and intense, I don’t think that I would recommend it to others. On the other hand I tried some of the chocolate cake which was really nice, rich and fudgey.

More Cafe - Opera Galleria

For the drinks I had a simple orange juice (RO 2.500), I thought it was nice and the portion was good.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 1 main, 3 desserts, 1 juice, 1 coffee, and 1 large bottle of water. Our bill came to about RO 30.

More Cafe - Opera Galleria

I thought that the service at More Cafe was OK, but not too great. At another visit of mine I waited for a long time at the entrance waiting for someone to get me a table and nobody ever came, so I had to walk in and roam around the place until someone acknowledged my presence. I also thought that the waiters didn’t seem to have any suggestions on what we should have.

I think that I had an overall good experience at More Cafe, I am not a great fan of the concept of their restaurant and the fact that they have a million dishes on their menu, but I still thought that the food I had was good and I would probably go there again.

Have you guys been to More Cafe?