May 31, 2012

Swiss Week at Mokha Cafe – Hyatt

I was invited early last month to try out the Swiss Week special at Mocka Cafe at the Grand Hyatt in Shatti Al Qurum. I have never had a meal at the Mocka Cafe before so I was excited to try it out.

Mokha Cafe is located on the ground floor of the Grand Hyatt at the back of main hall of the hotel. It has indoors and outdoors seating, but it is really not advisable to sit outside at this time of the year. The indoors seating place is airy, with a lot of light and a water fountain on the side. I came on a Friday afternoon and the place seemed almost full with a crowd that consisted of Omani families and older expats. I suggest that you book a table before you come to ensure that you get a table.

The Swiss Week offered a special buffet that offered a variety of Swiss starters, soups, salads, mains, and desserts. Apparently at dinner time the collection was even bigger and I happened to go on the very last day of the event, however, I still managed to try out some of the exotic dishes they were serving such as the Swiss Cheese Fondue which was really fun to eat as you had it hot and came with pickles.

Another cheesy I item I tried was the Cheese Soup with Bresaola which wasn’t exactly my usual option for a soup because it was really very cheesy, but I still thought that it was nice experience to have.

For the main course I tried the Lamb Ragout Emmantal Style with buttered egg noodles, which probably was too safe of a choice, but I still enjoyed it.

My experience at Mocka Cafe was very pleasant, I enjoyed trying out exotic Swiss dishes, it was nice to see Swiss musician play their instruments in the airy bright hall of Mocka Cafe. The place was pleasant even on a hot summer day such as the one we’ve been to.

Have you guys been to any special weeks at Mocka Cafe? What do you think of the place?