Sep 18, 2008

Reviews That Were Never Written – Part 1

I’m going to travel in about a week’s time and I won’t be able to write any new reviews for the Omani Cuisine, I have been to many restaurants which I photographed and everything but never got to write a review for – most probably due to some bad time management skills!

Three Star Restaurant, Al Hail

I once wanted to have a post titled ‘Battle of the Generics’ where I thought I’ll post a joint review of all these generic Indian-Chinese restaurants that have the same exact menu that has the name of every single Indian and Chinese dish ever invented. 3 Star was one of these. Not sure if this restaurant is really three star, maybe just 2.5, they have a fountain in their restaurant with plastic frogs inside it. It is located right next to City Center.

Al Aktham Restaurant, Al Khuwair

Al Aktham is the king of generics, it is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in town, its boardsign boasts with the word ‘Restaurant’ without a brand name. It has private dining rooms used by conservative families and guys taking out girls on dates (.. to al aktham? We’re going on a data to AL AKTHAM?!). This restaurant is found somewhere near Al Safeer Hotel in Al Khuwair Commercial Area.

Grill House, Al Khuwair

Grill House is my favourite generic restaurant, I can have their Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice dish for dinner, lunch and breakfast. Favourite side dishes include a green salad and chips. This restaurant is next to the MQ traffic lights. Their food is nice, but they badly need to work on their restaurant front image!

I used to think that I had photos of Spicy Village as well, can’t find them though. Will make another post with some other restaurants.

  • 3 star restaurant really cracks me up …
    the name really sets the expectations …

  • They are pretty realistic with their expectations, you know.

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  • Taby

    Hey sad to know that you are leaving..your website was a gourmets delight and never failed to tickle my taste buds! Well wish you luck in your life ahead and do keep us posted especially if you start your culinary adventures in some other country..adieu !

  • Thanks for your message Taby, I’m going away for a year. I’ll surely work on the Omani Cuisine once again when I get back.

  • salman


    i went through all the reviews ,,nice work
    i have never tried most of them i have to say
    so i guess u r the guy to call if need to know about good restuarants

  • Hey Salman, thanks for visiting! Glad you liked the Omani Cuisine! 😉

    The website is on a one-year break because I’m doing my masters this year.

  • farah al haremi

    was waiting for Ubar 🙁
    best of luck

  • Hello Farah, I'm doing my masters abroad, so unfortunately I won't be able to post any new reviews except after I come back in August/September.

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