Oct 22, 2011

Meji’s Aroy Thai – Shatti Al Qurum

Meji’s Aroy Thai (Telephone: 95187422 – Map) is a Thai restaurant located in Shatti Al Qurum right next to Beach Hotel opposite the Oman LNG building.

Meji’s Aroy Thai is a fine dining restaurant with a spacious nice looking seating area. I have been to Meji’s twice and it was never really crowded, probably because even though the place is in Shatti Al Qurum, it is awkwardly located between Bareeq Al Shatti and Jawharat and Al Shatti making too easy to decide against going to and going to either of these places instead.

For starters Meji’s offers hot starters, salads, and soups. I had a Tom Yum soup – which is a spicy and sour prawn soup (RO 3.400), my friend had a Mixed Aroy Thai (RO 3.200) which had spring rolls, prawn tempura, and chicken satay. My soup was extremely spicy but I still really liked it, my friend thought that the mixed starter was a nice way to try the different things offered by Meji’s and quite liked everything that he got.

The For main courses Meji has a selection of curry dishes, deep fried and steamed dishes, wok dishes, and rice or noodles dishes. The way the menu is designed is that it lists the sauce and method of cooking and then you select whether or not you have to it for beef, chicken, seafood, or vegetables. We had a Pad Prik Kaeng with chicken – a red curry paste wok dish with chicken (RO 3.800) and a Pad Num Prik Pao with beef which basically was stir fried meat with thai chili paste (RO 3.800). We also ordered a plate of vegetable Khao Pad fried rice (RO 3.000) on the side to have with our mains. I thought that both dishes were well done and full of flavor, the beef was a little bit spicier than what we expected, but we still enjoyed it nonetheless.

For the dessert we had aKhao New Mamuang (RO3.200) – ie a dish of banana tempura served with ice cream topped ice cream which looked very pretty and tasted extremely delicious – especially the ice cream.

For the drinks we had a smoothie and a Thai ice tea, I tried the Thai ice tea at Meji’s in the past and I wasn’t a big fan, but that’s probably because I’m not an ice tea person, the smoothie I tried this time was great.

In total we ordered 2 starters, 2 main courses, 2 drinks, and 1 dessert. Our bill came to RO 25.000.

I thought that the service as Meji’s Aroy Thai was nice, the waitress we got didn’t speak very good English, but was still pleasant and cheerful and tried her best to help us order.

I really enjoyed my experience at Meji’s Aroy Thai and would recommend going to it to anyone looking for a nice upscale Thai restaurant to go to.