Apr 1, 2014

Mani’s Cafe – Jawharat Al Shatti


Mani’s Cafe (Telephone: 24607015 – Map) is a cafe in Jawharat Al Shatti that serves coffee, cakes and sandwiches. We came to try out its breakfast menu on a weekend. Mani’s is located in the same building as Darcy’s Kitchen, but just on the second floor in the back.


During our visit early on the weekend, Mani’s looked pretty empty with only one other table occupied besides ours. Mani’s has a bright white seating area that looks airy and refreshing with a lot of natural light. The restaurant is relatively small and has about ten tables only.


The breakfast menu of Mani’s is relatively small and offers freshly made juices, eggs, grains, sandwiches and hot drinks. I decided to go for Mani’s Spicy Scrambled Eggs (RO 2.700) which had spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and cheese. My friend ordered poached eggs on toast with  spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, and hallumi on the side  (RO 3.500). My scrambled eggs came with two large slices of bread on the side. I found my dish to be nice, though a little bit boring, especially as I was hoping the spicy element of the dish to have some sort of kick. My friend enjoyed his dish and did not have any issues with it.


For the drinks we ordered a pomegranate crush (RO 1.900) and a grapefruit juice (RO 1.900), we enjoyed them a lot.


I found the service at Mani’s to be OK. Our food came on time and as ordered. The staff were pleasant even though they could not really help us much when we asked them to explain something in the menu.

In total we ordered 2 mains and 2 juices, our bill came to RO 11.000.

I enjoyed my visit to Mani’s even though I have to admit that I was a bit bored with my food, this of course could be a side effect of going to Slider Station for breakfast every single weekend and expecting something as creative from Mani’s. I did see some other table order cups of grains with yogurt or something that looked more interesting than the eggs I had. Mani’s seems to be a great option for a simple healthy quiet breakfast, I might give it another shot, when, and if, I ever get bored of having my breakfast at Slider Station. Until then, you guys know where to find me.

Have you guys been to Mani’s? What do you usually order here for breakfast?

  • Aishelaqtta

    Mani’s actually have an
    extensive breakfast menu and I would recommend the Scrabble eggs with salmon
    and hollandaise sauce……Amazing!

    “order cups of grains” the breakfast parfait are a healthy choice for
    a great meal.

    They are exceptionally full during the weekends, and usually end up adding
    additional tables and chairs when needed.

    Visit them on facebook on https://www.facebook.com/ManisGourmetCafe

  • Nadia Battashi

    In your article you keep saying restaurant it’s not a restaurant mani’s is a Cafe. Hence the menu for a cafe is extensive.
    There are many types of egg dishes.
    The scrabbled eggs are delicious.
    If you had wanted them to have an extra kick and numb your taste buds you should have ordered it extra spicy.

    Sliders station is a Resturant and the type of food is different it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

    If you wanted a fare comparison then you should have gone to another cafe and had their eggs and compared that with mani’s.

    The grain you talk about is called granola it’s served with yogurt and seasonal fruit drizzled with honey.

    The toast you had is freshly brown baked bread 100% whole grain.
    Excellent quality.

    You keep saying that you go every weekend to sliders and this was the first weekend you go somewhere else. Could it be your a creature of habit and therefore wherever you went that day you would have been upset because your state of mind just wanted to go to where your used to ?!!!
    Then I suggest a person like you should stick to the places you like and not bother trying out other new places and nor should you be writing articles about other places either because your biassed.

    But then again this is muscat and for so long standards have been low.

    And one can’t blame you after all you have been used to eating junk for so long that fresh food , good food , tastes boring to you !!!!
    and when you don’t know what granola looks like when you see it, or can’t tell a Cafe from a Restaurant !!!!! So tell me again how you got the job to write about food when your obviously not qualified ??!!!!

  • Alan

    I really enjoy the breakfasts at Mani’s. It’s simple, well executed and fresh. There salads and sandwiches at lunch time are also very good.

  • muhammad

    One question: why are you so upset and mad? It’s just a cafe.