Jul 22, 2012

Love at First Bite – Shatti Al Qurum

Love at First Bite (Map) is the latest craze in the dining scene in Oman. It claims to be Oman’s first themed restaurant and lounge and it is located in Shatti Al Qurum in the building behind Al Masa Mall.


Love at First Bite is a love themed restaurant and lounge, the restaurant is divided into three sections: the French section, the Italian section, and the Arabian section. Each one has a different seating arrangement, but they all serve the same menu. The French section is meant to look like a palace bedroom, while the Italian section is meant to be a Sicilian garden, and the Arabian section is a tent in which you are meant to sit on the floor. The jury is still out on whether this looks gorgeous or extremely tacky, especially with the huge bed which people can sit and dine on on the right side of the restaurant. No comment. Just make sure that you do not sit at the Sicilian garden side of the restaurant because these chairs are not comfortable.

Love at First Bite seems to be one of the most happening restaurants in town these days, with a crowd that is primarily made up of girls and odd couples. One one of our attempts to go on a weekend at night the restaurant was fully occupied and we were asked to wait for 30 minutes to get a table. The restaurant still doesn’t have a phone to call yet, so you can’t book a table before coming.

The menu of Love at First Bite offers starters, salads, sandwiches, grills, pastas, other mains, and desserts. The cheesy love theme runs through the whole menu as all the items on it have lame names which can be at times funny, but at most other times have no correlation with the item you are ordering. The menu is also longwinded and difficult to read because of its attempt to sound all poetic and romantic.

For the starter we shared a “Fries With Benefits” (RO 3.400) which has fries topped with beef, salsa, jalapenos, and other sauces. I have to admit that I thought that name was actually funny, and the fries were nice, though not exactly special.

For the main course I had a “Platonic Friends” (RO 4.400) which was a fajita-style chicken shuwarma served with lebanese bread and salads and tahini on the side. The chicken itself was good, but the bread was cold and rubbery and really spoilt it for me. My friend had Love at First Bite’s signature “Denial” pasta (RO 4.300) which was cooked in a cream and tomato sauce and topped with parmesan and mozarella cheese, which he thought was OK, but not special either.

For dessert we had a “Take It To The Next Level” (RO 2.300) – a crushed biscuit based chocolate mousse with chocolate topping, and “Addiction” (RO 1.900) red velvet cake with cream cheese served in a cup. Take it to the Next Level could probably win the award for the most ridiculously named dessert in the Sultanate, but it is one of  the most delicious things I have had in a while, it was rich, moist, had a nice texture, and was not too overwhelming. The red velvet cake was also great, though probably having it was an overkill after devouring the chocolate mousse.

For the drinks I ordered a mango banana and strawberry juice. (RO 1.900), which I thought was alright.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 mains, 2 desserts, 1 juice, 1 soft drink, 2 bottles of water. Our bill came to RO 20.500.

I thought the service at Love at First Bite was not too bad, the staff tried their best to be friendly, but it was clear that they still needed a lot of training as they acted more like like domestic servants than restaurant waiters.

I am probably not the target customer for Love at First Bite, maybe if I were a teenage girl I would have found the place pretty and fun with all the cheesy dish names and pretentious decor. I was almost embarrassed just to be there, so I don’t know maybe my review is not fair. I thought that the starters and mains were average, but the desserts were really great. Love at First Bite is not exactly my kind of scene, so I don’t think I’ll be going there again any time soon.

Have you guys been to Love at First Bite, what do you think of it?

  • Haitham_Lamki

    Hello and thank you for sharing your review. Would you not agree if i say that it was rather too harsh? Maybe references such as embarrasing and lame and tacky should not have been used. I have visited the place last thursday and yes it was rather crowded, my food was exceptional and we were a table of 8 sitting in the french section, my favourite was the seafood salad.

     In light of your previous reviews, this stands out as an attempt to do no good which I think is stirring up a lot of negative heat for your blog. I’m not judging I am just expressing my thoughts and sharing them out loud. Salam.

  • Aisha Mahir

    I think its obvious to everyone the way u market “ur” friends restaurant, therefore, no comment. The reviewer is also a friend I assume? Anyway, what were saying is that he should’ve written constructive criticism that would’ve been much more welcomed and taken into consideration rather than insulting comments.

    As “the owners” friends were not forced to dine at his restaurant and love every detail about it (fyi we also pay and expect good food like any other person) I personally made a few comments about the restaurant a several times and guess what!?!? They take customers suggestions into consideration and actually work on them unlike other restaurants.

  • maitham303

    Hola! This has become the talk of town as if it already wasn’t. Happy to say that i think it is not over rated, it truly is different from all the other places in town. I dont think the review does it justice but i think its a matter of taste (well you either got good taste or you dont) and lets face it, you dont + embarrasment = low self esteem.
     I would recommend the memories drink which includes banana and strawberries with mango too and have its better that we break as a main u wont regret it. I was too full to have dessert 🙂  

  • Guest

    LOL this is one guy’s opinion. Key word “OPINION”. It’s not fact. There is such a thing as freedom of speech, he is not obliged to like the place, nor is he obliged to sugarcoat his review. If he didn’t like the restaurant he didn’t like it. Big deal. If the place is doing well, who cares? Live and let live.

  • Friendi


  • Samira_Omz

    who cares? I think this comment box sums it up 🙂

  • Samira_Omz

    Love at first bite: Brilliant!
    Review: No constructive criticism, just offending customers which is pointless by the way!
    For a newly opened restaurant I would award it an A- just get a phone line and i will reconsider. 
    Looking forward to new Love At First Bite Branches inshalla !

  • Samira_Omz

    I enjoyed the memories drink too i just wish they had a refill juice policy lol maybe im just dreaming

  • Samira_Omz

    Hi Haitham, I agree that the review is rather offending customers and I believe that is why everyone is on this blog. I read in one of the above comments that the writer is calling commentators on this article “Crazy” on twitter which further reveals how personal this writer is getting. I dont see how this writer can call his work a proper review.

  • Just M

    We wouldn’t come here if we don’t bother.

  • Cash

    Love at first bite, amazing new restaurant in Muscat, something we need more of here, instead of reviews like this. I would like to thank the hard working Omani entrepreneur for pulling this off, the crowd it has says it all.. 

    This review has just has made the place more popular i think,, all mistakes can be improved, keep in mind that this is not a franchise, its been made from scratch, one day i think, this will be a great Omani franchise..

    I love the FOOD, place, music, theme, waiters and location of the place.. 

    Oh, and the owner Khalid is only 22, I wish him the best of luck, you’ll be having a great future .. 

    and to whoever wrote this review  ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ??? ??????          

  • Mo_mansoor

    I have never felt more obliged to comment in my entire life. Dismiss the pathetic review and visit love at first bite.

  • Saleemrs

    I LOVE THIS: SuhailTS said: I think you spent two lines commenting on the food and you spent the next 100 lines insulting us- the people who visit that place and do not fall under the odd couple or teenage girl category. I find it to be a new low, even for you. Insulting food is one thing, but insulting half the population of Muscat is another. You claim you’re not a teenage girl but you fit that category so perfectly.

  • Saleemrs

    This is cool too. Beautiful! Love At First Bite. An Inspiration: featured on the MENA Interior desgin magazine (Middle East) May Issue http://www.designmena.com/inspiration/pictures-omani-lounge-love-bite-interiors

  • Saleemrs

    Lame review. Brilliant place, very good food, extra ordinary decore .

  • AmeerK

    What a useless review and I think the writer needs a reality check: We are routing for a review, compared to the other reviews you have not discussed the food muich and resorted to immature name calling which is unproffesional. Its worrying that you dont see how wrong you are to inslut people like that. I like what a previous visitor said: Embarrasement stems from a low self esteem which I think is the case in this instance.
    For those of you who havent been to L@FB yet, have i cant make you love me and finish it off with its complicated if you are with a group. thank me later.

  • AmeerK

    Hey I actually think the waiters are nice although they need more waiters, i dont understand french so i cant really comment on music although it was fine but i did like the piano covers. Location is great and yes of course the food is the Bomb!

    I sincerely wish this restaurant the best of success.

  • B.

    Been there a couple of times, and I must say I did not leave disappointed! The restaurant might need a little tweaking but every new business does. Give it time! There is no need for harsh comments. The restaurant is something very new and unique, it might not be tailored to your taste but it seems to be good enough for others! 
    2 thumbs up for creativity and hard work! 

    Well done @bite:twitter team, keep up the good work! 😉

  • B.a

    double check your info next time, bite does have a number for reservation its 24601737

  • Hussain R

    Aiih taw inta malak la?! Love at first bite marra tartooobi!!! ana gayinkum qareeb bob

  • The-yazin

    six thousand dollar pair of shoes i made it to the paris news

  • Murooj Alamri

    Been there once and definitely never going back again, the food SUX! Cheap ingredients! And the names of the dishes r so gay!

  • Yazin

    My dinner experience was very satisfying. The ambiance of the restaurant was inviting and the staff was attentive. The menu presented great variety. Overall it was a great experience! 

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  • MB

    Whatever. Useless. It’s lovely! One of my favorite.

  • Danasameeh

    Hi, this review is totally pointless. Do i see hate? for sure. Keep you rude ideas to yourself, if everyone else can see that calling people crazy and using all sorts of childish descriptions is wrong then you can surely realize that you are wrong too. Grown ups must learn to own up. Learn to critique next time. Everyone is disregarding your sad review. L@FB is surely a restaurant that is on the top of my dining lists. Thanks

  • Danasameeh

    Speaking of rude hate mail.

  • Danasameeh

    Hamed wrote:The thing about this restaurant is that it is different. It’s not your typical restaurant where the menu just describes the food. The menu is like a story. The experience the restaurant offers is something you don’t get anywhere else. The food is good, and I feel the prices are quite reasonable. The desserts are amazing. I have been there 3 times so far, and I plan to go many more times

  • Cheeky_baz

    Just to clear things out, this review is fairly inaccurate. Part of the experience of going to the bite lounge is to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and yes the waiters need some training but that’s the case with many new restaurants. Another point is that the food is different, and every restaurant has dishes which are really good and some which are ok. I went a couple of times, once with a big group of picky eaters; we all loved EVERYTHING served. Some stuff maybe more than others. Yes our orders were mixed up a bit, but I DARE you to name another restaurant in Oman as busy as this one whicch doesn’t make worse mistakes?

    On another note I don’t really trust reviews here anymore. A lot of recommended restaurants were a huge disappointment. Guess we don’t have the same taste. And attacking the customers is just tacky sweety.

  • Macki

    It’s useless getting worked up about a single person’s opinion. I certainly believe that the review could have been written in a better way, especially when considering that this business has only just initiated. There will always be room for improvement; all we’re asked to do is support and ensure that the restaurant’s success continues to augment accordingly. This review shouldn’t be taken offensively or personally for that matter, even if some parts can be considered slightly insensitive. 

    From the bottom of my heart, I wish Khalid and the restaurant all the best. He worked incessantly to deliver what he had envisioned and believed in for many years. Whether you enjoyed it or not is up to you, but there’s no doubting the kid deserves the well earned praise he’s been receiving recently. 

  • Qais Al-Zadjali

    WTH … LAFB is amazing place …
    The food is a mixture of homemade and theme taste which
    makes it a wonderful taste and experience.

    You have many choice of seating arrangement, I have been
    there 3 times and I have tried all (except the bed one) and every time with different
    group of people and we like the menu options but the desert is WoW ..

    The prices compare to other places is very reasonable.

    Believe me, you will go again and again ..

  • Majo

    I have been there twice, the food was not special and they have the worst fries! 

    the theme on the other hand is nice,, excellent place for dating 😉 

  • EA

    I don’t think I have ever commented on here before, but really wanted to after reading the reaction this review got. I think people here are often confused by what a review actually is. A review is one person’s opinion on something. They don’t need to take into consideration who the owner is, how long it has been open or whether or not people will like them for what they want to say. Not everything is to everyone’s taste. I understand completly what the blogger here was trying to say and feel that many people’s comments against him are overly dramatic.
    It is great if LAFB has had some customers that love that place, but everyone needs to remember that not every customer is going to be happy. Having eaten bad food everywhere from 5-star hotels to dodgy hole-in-the-wall type places, I know a restaurant can have a bad night. I think all of the people commenting on here should just relax. If you like the restaurant – great – take your friends and your family and tell everyone how much you liked it. As for some claiming the review had a personal tone. If he had said that he didn’t want to go – for example – to one of the restaurant’s in a 5-star hotel because the place/service came across as pretentious, I’m sure no one would have batted an eyelid.
    Keep up the good work Omani Cuisine, perhaps all these people who disagree with you could start their own food blogs up and post about places they like?

  • MulhimH

    Hi, I tend to disagree with your opinion, first of all as a 4 time visitor of the restaurant I can surely say that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience during all four times. you see, we are not concerned about the fact that this review did not like everything about the restaurant- but as so many have highlighted, you have to be constructive so that readers can respect what is written. I like many others gave my feedback to the waiters just like i would anywhere else, also, at some point my mojito was too sweet and they had it replaced. So far, we can see that the writer has expressed his embarrasement for such a tacky place, what is the moral behind all of this. where is the constructive criticism? He has also started an attack on everyone who disagrees with him.

  • Nassiro

    Hi, I have heard a lot about this review. Can i ask why you decided to make fun of the place rather than give feedback? Also, is this a franchise?

  • Nassiro

    Hey this place is not a franchise? where is it exactly?

  • Homood Al-Zadjali

    Interesting indeed 😛
    I haven’t been to the restaurant yet but I heard a review from a friend.  All that he mentioned is that they serve all kinds of food.  Which happens to be not one of my favorite ideas of a restaurant. However, for some mysterious reason he hid all the the juicy stuff about the place, how it looks like and the service he received. 

    Anyway, back to the review.  Well, I do understand that reviews reflect the opinion of the author & don’t see why people got offended.  Would I use the terms “domestic servants” if I were writing the article?  My answer is “no”.  But then again, it’s a free country and every has the privilege of choosing their own words 🙂

    Thank you Riadh for your continuous flow of reviews.  I am one of your secret admirers who normally reads without leaving a comment (sth I have mentioned already :P)

    Hayakum, au revoir e ciao ciao! 😀

  • Mohammedsh

    It is in shatti qurum right next to masa mall, if you are going to the cinema from the traffic lights next to masa, just go straight after the round about and make a u turn and come back, the restaurant is on ur right hand side next to a gym or beirut bank

  • Mohammedsh

    I actually like the idea of the place and tend to disagree with your review. Perhaps add lines of recommendations that the restaurant can work on to end this ?

  • Someone

    As a critic, you expects people to respect your opinion, you should also be open to peoples opinions, and not delete a post that criticizes you. I see no constructive criticism in this review rather hatred towards the owner and demotivating to young entrepreneurs. I read other reviews you posted of much worse restaurants that you found a way encourage and applaud. 
    A real critic wouldn’t have deleted a post that criticizes him, instead he would stand by his opinions and challenge others. Since your obviously not, i don’t see why I or others should even consider your opinion.

  • Rabehayoobi

    I do not see the correlation between 5 star hotels and dodgy places? A review is a review i think? in this instance i think almost everyone would agree that insensitive references lead to this outburst of comments? as reader of the blog i have never come across direct attackes in a review, everyone is rambling about riyads continuos name calling on twitter referring to people who disagree with him as crazy and a bunch of girls or whatever helps him sleep at night.
    I do respect your opinion so we can agree to disagree. and i applaud the fact that you explained your opinion in a civilized manner since some who disagree resorted to foul language which really is not what should be the case especially since it is just a matter of opinion 🙂
    Not sure if u have been there? i have just come back from the u.s and am looking forward to pay this place a visit.
    Thanks again

  • Maan_Musallam

    this review is quite a rude one!!!!!! this place served the best baked fish and the best strawberry margarita in my opinion!

  • YousifoG

    I dont see why you would even think of shooting down customers of a place? You cannot keep calling its customers crazy. I think your review is biased and this is what everyone is talking about. This has grown out of proportion and is only affecting the reputation of your blog and your honesty and intergirty as an individual. This is not a review. Everyone feels like they must reply because your really do not seem to understand that people have given you the reputation and only they can take it back so name calling is really low for anyone especially an aspiring critic such as you.
    anyway i have been to love bites restaurant in may for a party and i can say that we brought the house down and had the time of our lives.

  • MajidALQASMI

    My new favorite restaurant since my brother in law introduced me to it. Love the multi cuisine concept and the different themed areas keep you busy while you are waiting for your food. I stronly suggest you to pay the place a visit. Surprising how a critic would forget his entire role in this scenario and start attacking the place and its visitors but i am also happy to see that he is getting exactly what he deserves in terms of comments.

  • mohammed_Sameer_00

    good post: ????? ??? ?????? ????? ??? ?????? ? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????. ????? ????? ???? ? ???? ????? ? ??? ????? ????? ????????. ????? ??? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ?? ????? ???? ???? ????? ???? ??? ??? ? ?????? ?????? !!!? ???? ???? ? ??? ???????? ? ??????????????

  • mohammed_Sameer_00

    another interesting post :Wow, Critic you have really ruined your credibility here. With all of these comments I’m starting to feel like this is a personal vendetta against the restaurant, or a loner who’s pessimistic about love.. I haven’t been to Love at First Bite and a straightforward honest review would have been appreciated. This review is riddled with contradictions and barely mentions anything about the way the food tastes or towhat cuisine category they fall under. Instead, its descriptive at best and, asother commenters perceived, you have clearly set out to slander the restaurant. Unsuccessfully I must add, as it seems that all you managed to dois insult the customers.
    I’ve only been in Oman for a year but it is evident that the Omani’s are a loving crowd who view friends as family; the people theyare with and the places they go to define them. Therefore, when a place is as booked as you claim it to be then categorizing the customers the way you did wouldof course insult a lot of people. This is especially true when you use judgmental adjectives such as “odd” to describe couples (that would raise eye-brows in ANY culture) and when your information is inaccurate as it is clear from the comments that guys go there too… I think an apology is inorder for the customers… you simply can’t write generalized comments like that!!
    From the pictures you have posted the décor looks elegant andcreative and the food looks mouth watering… definitely going there soon. A word of advise from one journalist to another please be professional and put your personal grudges aside; freedom of speech and opinion are one thing and a biased review is another. Not cool or classy. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are also key if you want people to take you seriously.
    Best wishes.
    (Note to other commentators… any dishes you recommend me to try out?)

  • mohammed_Sameer_00

    Exciting to see all love at first bite likers teaming up. I guess we can all agree to disagree with the review. I think it would have sounded fine without the inappropriate references here and there so i do agree with what all of you are pointing out.
    For the above comment, i would recommend having the heartless dish with rendevouz drink which is strawberry and lime based.

  • mohammed_Sameer_00

    Just as u rightfully pointed out, we too are also practicing our right to choose our own words in expressing our disapproval with the foul references and continouos insults to people who disagree with the review. Anyway, anyone know if they have a ramadan buffet?

  • Annis312

    Reasonable prices and very good food. Love their salads and drinks and adore the place literally. Review is very unfair and yes some references in the review are not only insulting to the place but to the visitors.

  • Maliksalmi878

    Very surprising review, i dont know what this is about but if the writer is being personal which is clear in some of the sentences then this review should be removed.