Dec 23, 2010

Lo Chef Steak House – Al Seeb

Lo Chef (2442 2290 – website) is a steak house in Al Seeb Souq area – I am not very familiar with that area of town, but Lo Chef is located in the same building as Y Magazine and Al Wisal FM which also happens to be by the corniche and right opposite Al Jadeed Stores in Al Seeb Souq. Lo Chef is supposed to be part of a Dutch restaurant chain, I do not know if they have restaurants under the same name or serve the same food elsewhere.

Lo Chef somehow looks like a sports bar from the inside, but has an amazing shaded seating area outside, we went at night and the weather was absolutely fabulous.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the seating area for you to see it, but the area outside is spacious and even though the place seemed empty when we arrived (about 7pm) and was almost full by the time we left (around 9.30). Lo Chef seems to attract a lot of Europeans for some reason and a few Omanis.

Lo Chef is a steak house with a menu that has a section of cold appetizers, hot appetizers, soups, pastas, spare ribs, steaks, mixed grill plates, and grilled fish. For the starter we decided to have a smoked beef bacon Carpaccio (RO 2) and a plate of mushrooms cooked in butter garlic sauce (RO 1.7). I thought the Carpaccio was excellent and the mushrooms were alright.

For the main courses Lo Chef offers pasta, spare ribs (RO 3 to 4.250), a variety steaks (T Bone, Prime Rib, Rib Eye Steak, Cuadril, Chicken Fillet – RO 3.750 to 5.500), mixed grill plates (RO 4.5 to RO 6), grilled fish (RO 3.750 to RO 6)and fish fillet with sauce (6.750 to 7.250). I ordered a rib eye steak (RO 4.750 pictured below) which came with roasted potato, bioled vegetables, and salad. I thought that my steak was great and it came as requested. My friend ordered a grilled squid (named Inkfish on their menu – RO 3.950) which he seemed to have enjoyed.

We didn’t order dessert because there were no desserts on the menu that we got it and nobody offered any desserts when our main courses were taken even though we sat for a very very long time after that. I am also not sure what drinks they have, we asked the waiter for their drinks menu and he recited all the juiced they had before we ordered so we had our dinner with an orange juice and a lemon & mint juice.

In total we ordered 2 juices, 2 starters, and 2 main courses, our bill came to RO 15.400 in total.

I thought that the service at Lo Chef was alright, the waiters seemed to be talkative and friendly, my friend’s knife fell on the floor by mistake while eating and in less than 10 seconds someone came from inside with a new one. However, it was really hard for us to get a waiter to come to us to bring the bill after we finished.

I really enjoyed my visit to Lo Chef, the food was great and the seating outside was amazing. There is no doubt that this is one of the nicest places to go eat out to eat in Al Seeb.

  • Don C. Yager

    Sounds great…a steak house in Seeb souq! Can’t wait to try it out next February.

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice to have such a steak restaurant in Al seeb area.No doubt, it worth trail….

  • nice i will definitely try it

  • Witboi

    It took us a little time to find the place (900m past the Shell Service Station driving W along the coast, look for two new buildings with tent like structiures in between them) but it was well worth the effort!. Also it was a surprise to be greeted in Dutch by Kamael the owner. If you are looking for a good piece of meat against very affordable prices and a very friendly atmosphere, this is the place to go to. Defenitely a MUST DO AGAIN for us.

  • Fm9731

    Tried, nice and worthed

  • haring

    please can anybody tel me the url from this restauratn?

  • Ernsduplessis

    is lo chef licenced?

  • No, Lo Chef is not licensed to serve alcohol or pork.

  • mohamed Abdon

     I already visited this restaurant before and enjoyed every things there , I visited also their new branch that is located in North Al-hail and I liked the buffet that contains many variety of Arabic Grills ,Seafood , meat and many other Items
    I advise you to visit if you want to enjoy
    thank you