Apr 27, 2012

Left Bank – Shatti Al Qurum

After struggling to find the time at which Left Bank (Telephone 2469 3699 – Map ) was open for lunch, I finally managed to try it out. Left Bank is a lounge, bar and restaurant located in Shatti Al Qurum on the hill by the Sultan Qaboos Road right next to Mumtaz Mahal.

Left Bank has an awesome location and offer indoors and outdoors seating. The seating area outside is airy and overlooks Shatti Al Qurum and the mangrove sanctuary by the beach. We went for lunch and it was a bit too hot to sit outdoors, so we sat in the big sleek indoors seating area. We went for lunch on a week day and the place was almost totally empty save for one other table.

Left Bank is primarily a bar and a lounge, but it also offers salads, sandwiches, and a number of main courses on its dinning menu. The menu is pretty small with about 15 items in addition to the desserts. I decided to go for the “Left Bank Burger” (RO 6.500) which was topped with tomatoes, red onions, gherkin and cheddar cheese. The burger came with cajun spiced chips and home made tomato ketchup. The burger was delicious, the patty was soft and cooked to perfection, and the bun was cloudy and nice, I really enjoyed it a lot.  My friends also had a Chicken Club Sandwich (RO 4.000) and a Wild Mushroom Risotto (RO 6.500), which they both seemed to like.

For the dessert we had a Panna Cotta ice cream (RO 3.500) that was infused with vanilla and lemon grass and came with raspberry compote on the side.  The flavor of the panna cotta was unique and interesting, and it really tasted great with the raspberry compote.

I thought that the food we had at Left Bank was really excellent, we discovered after ordering that there were some smaller starters that could be had from the drinks menu, but we didn’t have the chance to try them.

The service at Left Bank was OK, but extremely slow. The place was practically empty at the time we were there and yet we had to wave at the waiter for a million times before she acknowledged us. I would still recommend Left Bank for a quick lunch because I really loved the food I had.

Have you guys been to Left Bank, tell us what you think about it in the comments below.