Jun 27, 2012

Layali Esafhan – MQ

Layali Esafhan (Telephone: 2460 5515 – Map) is an Irani restaurant located in MQ. It has been around for a very long time and is known as a place for dining and takeaway. It is also one of those restaurant with an extremely annoying spelling mistake in its name, because the second word in the name is meant to be spelt Esfahan after the name of the city and not EsAfhan. Anyway, I still decided to give it it a shot with the hope that its owners can cook better than they can spell.

Layali Esafhan is located in a awkward looking building, but from the inside it looks pretty nice. It is not exactly spacious, but has a good number of tables and a separated section for families.

The menu of Layali Esafhan offers a variety of Irani grills and stews. We did not order any starters, but after we made our order the waiter came with a tray of soups and salads. It turned out that the soup was part of our meal, but the salads were additional items which we had to pay for. The soup we got a creamy chicken soup with a variety of vegetables, it was nice. I was not a big fan of the dressing on the salad on the other hand, but it was still nice to have along with the mains we ordered.

For the main course I ordered grilled chicken and minced beef skewers that were served with saffron rice (RO 2.500). My friend ordered a beef stew with eggplant served with saffron rice (RO 2.000). I thought that the portions of food were very generous and I liked my dish a lot, especially the grilled chicken. My friend enjoyed his stew, but he didn’t think that they were generous enough the amount of beef in the stew.

Layali Esafhan serves a few Irani desserts, but I didn’t try any of them during my visit.

In total we ordered a salad platter, two mains, and one large bottle of water. Our bil came to around RO 6.500 or so.

I thought that the service at Layali Esafhan was adequate taking into regard the cost of food at the restaurant.

I really enjoyed my meal at Layali Esafhan and would recommend it for anyone looking for great affordable Irani grills. Has anybody else been here?