May 22, 2011

La Brasserie – Mattrah

La Brasserie (Telephone: 2471 3707) is a French restaurant in Mattrah. It is located on the corniche next to the small series of budget hotels that face the fish market.

The seating in La Brasserie is really nice, there are tables outside the restaurant for use when the weather is nice, indoors seatings on the first and second floor of the restaurant, and even more tables on the open verandah on top. The restaurant feels very comfy and elegant at the same time.

The menu of La Brasserie is quite extensive with a wide set of appetizers, soups, salads, pastas, a selection of main courses, and also a kids menu. For the starters we had “aioli de legumes” (RO 1.800)  which had a garlic flavored mayonnaise served with a selection of vegetables – the dip was nice and all the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. We also had garlic shrimps with pineapple sauce and crusty bread (RO 2.800) which was excellent.

For the main course I had a sliced chicken breast with mustard sauce (RO 7.500) which was amazing. I am not usually a big fan of things with mustard sauce, but this was really great as the chicken was very tender and the sauce was delicious. The french fries were also very nice! My friend had a duck confit pasta (RO 6.300) which he enjoyed, too.

There were several items for desserts at La Brasserie including different tarts and creme brulee, we decided to go for the chocolate lava cake – moeleux au choclate (RO 2.500) which was quite good.

The drinks options at La Brasserie included a number of juices, hot drinks, and ice teas. We had a lemon mint (RO 1.800) and an orange juice (RO 1.800).

In total we ordered  2 appetizers, 2 main courses, 1 dessert, 2 juices, and 1 bottle of water, the total of our bill came to RO 25.70.

I thought the service at La Brasserie was excellent, our food came quickly and exactly as we ordered it.

I enjoyed the whole of my experience at La Brasserie and would love to come again and have a meal on the veranda or outside when the weather is nicer. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an excellent place to dine in around old Muscat.

Have you guys been to La Brasserie, what is your favorite dish there?