Apr 28, 2014

Kiwi Cafe – Dolphin Village

Kiwi Cafe

Kiwi Cafe (Telephone: 9361 3740 – Map) is a burger joint located in Dolphin Village in Bawshar. If you are driving on the Muscat Express Way, you need to take the exit going towards Oman Medical College, Muscat College and the other colleges. Dolphin Village is located right after the first traffic lights and Kiwi Cafe is almost literally found at the gate of the compound in the Dolphin Plaza.

Kiwi Cafe

Kiwi Cafe is a fast food burger joint that does not provide table service. There are a few tables inside and a few more outside the restaurant. There are also communal tables outside the Dolphin Plaza which can also probably be used by the diners of Kiwi. We went for a late lunch on a working day and nobody else was at the restaurant.

The menu of Kiwi Cafe is hung on the wall and offers way too many options for a tiny restaurant of its kind. There are burgers,wraps, and a number of sides such as hot chicken wings, cheesy fries, and dynamite fries. The burgers are Kiwi are categorized as basic burgers, baps (wraps) and signature burgers.

Kiwi Cafe

As this was my first visit to Kiwi, I decided to go for one of their signature burger, so I picked the AK47 (RO 3.900), when I asked the staffer of what this burger had, his answer was “everything”. I still went for it, it turned out to be a double burger with cheese, greens, and a number of sauces. I could not identify the sauces, but I found the burger to be really great.  The size was manageable and the beef patties were delicious. My burger came with fries.

Kiwi Cafe

For the drinks, Kiwi offers sodas, milkshakes, Vimto, and tang. Kiwi also serves brownies.

The staffer at Kiwi was friendly and cheerful, but the service was relatively slow and it took a bit of time for our two burgers to arrive.

In total, we ordered two burger meals, 1 soda, and 1 small bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 6.900.

I think I had a good meal at Kiwi, it is such a shame that this is a fast food cafe and not a proper restaurant with table service. I think it would a great takeaway restaurant for those who live somewhat close to it.

Have you guys tried Kiwi, what do you think of it?

  • shushu

    We used to have it all the time when it was located in al Hail, it is fresh and delicious.

  • edwardtacena

    it was a stone away from my house when it was still in Hail. I still visit once in a while because it is still one of the best burgers in Muscat. I still love the ambiance when it was in Al Hail:D

  • Mayada Q’me

    Tried it when it was in Al Hail as well,, loved the BLT and the steak n cheese.. Although i thought the latter had too much onions but my sis says its what gives it a greater taste! Too sad they moved that far????
    Oh and I think they have the best normal fries among all fast food restaurants!
    The prices seems to have gone up though..meals used to cost 1.6 -2 riyals

  • Ahmed

    I love there burgers visited the old location and the new location
    Old prices were great new pricing not so encouraging to keep going..????

  • Mohammed El-Khider

    It’s super expensive for a fast food restaurant

  • Kiwi cafe

    Thanks for the review. Just to clarify, Kiwi’s is not considered “fast food”. We cook fresh as you order, an order takes approx 15 mins to be prepared. Not having a table service does not automatically put us in the fast food catagory.

  • Dvbb


  • Basma Essam

    I tried it several times when it was in al hail ….I duno why did they change the location ….they didn’t leave any msg before moving to their new location .however ,Food is amazing ,staff are Omani (proud of it) and presentation is good