Jun 7, 2013

Kargeen (Breakfast) – MQ


Kargeen Caffe (Telephone: 24699055 –  [geolocation]) is a shisha restaurant located in MQ. Most people go to Kargeen primarily for shisha and dinner in the evening, but I decided to check out their breakfast for a change. Kargeen is located in the commercial area of MQ opposite Golden Dragon and next to Ziyara cafe.


Kargeen is massive in size and has many different indoors and outdoors sections and lounges within its “compound”. We went to “Bon Bon” to have breakfast. The place now has an extended glass closed-up area with air conditioning in preparation for the hot summer. We went at 9am on a Thursday, the place was almost totally empty except for one other lonely shisha smoker. There were also barely any staff members in the restaurant and we had to actually walk around to look for someone to get us seated.


Kargeen does not have a special breakfast menu, their regular huge menu has three explicitly labeled “breakfast items”: The continental breakfast, the English breakfast, and the Arabic breakfast. The first has a collection of breads, the second has eggs, beans, and sausages, and the last one has fool mouddamas and cheese. The waiter finally came by and recommended that we try the new sandwiches served at the Bon Bon counter, so he brought us a basket with a chicken sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, and some sort of cheese sandwiches. I decided to the try the Bon Bon Chicken Sandwich (RO 1.500) which came with crisps on the side. The sandwich looked great, but when I actually had it I was not a big fan of the bread. You would think that sandwich served first thing in the morning would have cloudy soft bread, but this bread was hard and dry. I thought that the salad was nice and the chicken was OK, but I was not really impressed with the sandwich overall.


For the drink I had orange juice (RO 2.300) which was nice.

We wanted to try some of other hot breads from the menu, but we were told that all other items  cannot be served before 11am.

In total we ordered 2 readymade sandwiches, 1 orange juice and one small bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 6.160.

I really did not my breakfast experience at Kargeen, I was not impressed with the standard breakfast options and I did not like the sandwich that I had. The service was also extremely slow. It is unfortunate that you cannot even order other things from the rest of the menu. I cannot recommend Kargeen for breakfast.

Have you guys been to Kargeen for breakfast? What do you usually have when you come at other times of the day?