Jun 15, 2012

Jungle – Shatti Al Qurum

The Jungle (Telephone 2456 1700 – Map) is a new themed restaurant located right next to the main entrance of  Qurum Natural Park. I was personally not excited at all about this restaurant as it seemed too silly and juvenile of a concept for me at least. I still had to go check it out for the sake of writing a review about it for the Omani Cuisine.

The Jungle is a themed restaurant that is meant to … look like a jungle? I thought that the restaurant would have trees and moving water all over the place, but fortunately it turned out that the ‘jungle’ part of the restaurant is only the entrance section while the dinning part of the restaurant is inside a proper dining area that is clean, big, and spacious. The entrance gimmicky part of the jungle has a lot of water and can be a bit slippery, so watch out when you walk in.

We went to the Jungle on a week day and it was very easy to get a table, the restaurant was busy, but no where near full. The crowd mainly constituted of Omani and Indian families.

The menu of the Jungle does not have any real theme and serves a mix of things from here and there. It has a lot of sandwiches, grills, and other things including kangaroo and rabbit meat – which we did not try during our visit.

For the starter we ordered Mushroom Madness (RO 2.000) – a mushroom soup and a Lions Lentil Soup (RO 2.000) . I had the lentil soup which I didn’t have any problem with besides being extremely average. My friend had the mushroom soup which he thought was alright, too, but would have preferred it with a bit more salt.

We also ordered a portion of Spicy Sweet Shrimp (RO 3.500) which I thought was alright.

For our main course we decided to go for one of the grill platters (RO 6.500). For the platter you can select five different skewers that come with bowl of salad and a portion of French fries, the portions of the grills are big and one platter can be shared between 2 to 4 people. Additional skewers can be ordered at RO 1.500 each. We had an Irani grills skewer, Omani hamour, camel kebab, Beiruti chicken kebab, Xinjian Mangolian grill, and an additional paneer tikka skewer. I liked the majority of them and surprisingly the camel kebab was my favorite. On the other hand, I really didn’t like  the Irani skewer much.

We also tried the juices at the Jungle and we did not like them at all, both of us didn’t enjoy the first drink we had and asked to have it changed to something else, but then we still couldn’t drink the second option we got either.

In total we oredered 2 soups, 1 starter, 1 grill combo, one extra skewer, two drinks and a large bottle of water, our bill came to a total of RO 23.000.

I have to admit that I went to the Jungle with extremely low expectations thinking it would be ridiculous and juvenile, but it turned out to be a really a normal restaurant from the inside with food that was not bad and quite average.

I thought that the service was OK and the our food came exactly as we order it.

I don’t think that I will be going back to the jungle again because it is really not my kind of restaurant. What about you guys, have you been to the jungle, what do you think of it?

  • I was pleasantly suprised by it too, I thought it would be a lot tackier. We had the grill combo which I thought was really good (nice concept too), my juice was disgusting though, it was far too sweet and artificial tasting. Generally I thought it was a pretty good place, I’d be happy to eat there again.

  • Albarood

    I went too. We got very bad service. Our food wasnt served exactly. Moreover, our main courses came after one hour when we ordered……
    Very disappointed….

  • omani_madridi

    actually my thought was expensive average food that you can find elsewhere

  • ZK

    Good place for families with 3-8 yrs kids. The drawings on the wall are awful. Service is ok, but way too slow (maybe routine will help them speed up). I can imagine the chaos when is a full house. The food was surprisingly good and the grill serve is original. If they really care than then they should improve the juice offerings. You cannot serve fake tasteless juices as fresh ones in a jungle themed place.

  • Victoria Gilchrist

    We had an awful experience there. Service was dreadful, very slow, got the food wrong and the bill as well (twice!).  We asked to speak to the manager when we got the wrong bill but he just looked at us and went to hide in the kitchen! Twice!!
    We thought we should give it another try just because it’s a fun place for kids but after a few minutes standing in front of two waiters who were totally ignoring us, I had to interrupt their conversation to ask them if there was an available table to which they replied “No”. So, we stormed out and promised to never go back. This time is true.

  • SHAN

    I went to jungle for lunch with my colleague, and our expereince was dreadfull too, the food was bland, our order came in 45 minutes. though the place was not busy at all.

    I doubt I would go there again with friends or family, may be once for the family I GUESS.

  • nasooora

    i didnt like their food at all the  chicken was tooo dry..

  • Was not the best food we had. But the place was refreshing for a change


    I did go there and thankfully I hadn’t read the review, me and the kids had a great time. The waiters wre also fast and food specially the grill was super

  • Mayassa

    For me it was cool., we were 4 , celebrating my friends bday. We had a pizza, salad, shrimps and one portion of grills. Camel grills were amazing for my taste. I love the service staff , riri was so polite and so was this other Pilipino guy.

  • lucky Nehria

    I went there with the friends and enjoyed the unique ambience and food. The menu is very nicely composed and items are well presented. I will visit again soon.

  • The Food is great. The time i entered i got scared with the crocodile. Its very nice and i will go there to celebrate my daughter birthday soon inshah allah. The Staff is very helpful. Thanks to jungle.

  • khalid albusaidi

    it was a very nice experience i had with my friends last week.The food was good. They should have an out door seating also. rest everything was good.

  • reem

    it was my birthday yesterday and i went there, their service makes me regret to go there, ordered fries 2 times and ignored me, the food dont deserve one penny to pay for !! hated there so much , just bought a plant from the shop near it

  • salim al-rahbi

    the restaurant is good and best suited for my family and friends. We were a group of 32 people and we booked a set menu in the restaurant for OMR 10. It was lovely meal with soup,starters,main course and sweets. We loved it. Thanks to jungle will visit soon.

  • Wkaar

    Went there 4 times. first 2 times everything was perfect. I love the food and drinks but last time service wasn’t ok, although the customers were less
    We don’t feel welcome

  • Mimmi

    No taste in food n drinks.Not ad visibly to go.Average service.Waste of money.

  • AK

    Very very bad experiance. Worst servise EVER in my life ( actually there was no service at all). If you are in a good mood and want to ruine it, I recomend you to go to the Jungle.