Aug 29, 2008

Jean’s Grill Reviewed @ Rashad’s

Blogger Rashad made a post about Jean’s Grill, the restaurant up in Sultan Center. I’ve never been the place myself, but according to Rashad the place serves an awesome breakfast buffet for RO 2.5. Check out his review over at his blog.

  • albarood

    I went to this restaurant twice.. They have excellent buffet.. I give to them 7.5/10….

  • Anju Naveen

    Allow me to say that I truly love your breakfast buffet at Jeans Grill- Oman and I have eaten at your establishment on a regular basis. I have enjoyed your food so much, in fact, that I have often recommended it to my friends and acquaintances.
    On my most recent visit , October 4, 2008 at 9.30 a.m at Jean’s Grill was a big disappointment and as a family am no longer comfortable in your restaurant.There was absolutely no variety in the breakfast buffet and the and there was no fruits/yogurt spread available- which was a big disappointment. When the restaurant manger was asked about the fruit counter – he replied saying that there were none available and he didn’t make any effort to explain to us why it wasn’t .
    I was extremely disappointed with the service I received that day. If you would please address this issue with your restaurant managers, I would greatly appreciate it. I enjoy eating at your restaurant, however if I receive this type of treatment again, I will take my business elsewhere.

  • I like to have a breakfast there.. The place is adorable, dinnerware and cutlery are very organized also love the foods hmm.. mouth watering that place is really great.

  • max191

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