Sep 23, 2013

Italiano – Al Mawaleh


Italiano (Telephone: 2418 0515 – Map) is a pizzeria located on The Wave Road in Al Mawaleh. If you are coming from Al Bahja, you need to drive all the way to the Wave Roundabout and then turn back to find Italiano in the same building as a Subway on the right side of the road. The parking situation on this road is pathetic, but on both of my two visits to Italiano I always managed to find a lot of easily accessible empty spots on the interlock in front of the restaurant.


As expected from looking at the restaurant from the outside, Italiano is tiny, but it is still cosy and not too tight. However, there is only one table that can accommodate more than four people. So do not come here if you are a big group without arranging with the restaurant first. During my visit to Italiano the place only had one or two other tables taken beside ours.


Italiano has a long and extensive menu that features starters, salads, classic pizzas, Romana pizzas, calizone, baked pastas, normal pastas, and a couple of other chef specials. For the starter we ordered a Bruschetta Caprese (RO 1.800) which was a piece of baked dough topped with rocket leaves, cherry tomatoe, baby mozzarella, and pesto genovese. I really liked the toppings on my bruschetta, but I found the bread to be too dry. We also tried a portion of Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms (RO 2.200), and even though I am not a big fan of mushrooms, I really enjoyed this one.


For the mains we tried the Italiano Romana Pizza (RO 3.900) which had minced beef, onions, jalapneos, tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, oregano and oil. I found the pizza to be a little bit similar to what you would get at Pizza Express in a good way, it was thin and not too oily. The other main was had was Spaghetti Frutti di Mare (RO 3.600) which had a mix of seafood tossed in a tomato sauce, we asked to have penne pasta instead of spaghetti and we asked to have a pink sauce instead of the red sauce, our dish came exactly as ordered and I thought it was nice.


Italiano  serves desserts mainly consisting of cakes, we did not try any of them during the visit in which I did this review, but I tried their cheesecake during another one of my visits to the restaurant and I liked it a lot.


In total we ordered 2 starters, 2 mains, and 2 bottles of water, our bill came to RO 14.148.

I thought that the service at Italiano was great, the waiters did not mind us modifying the items on their menu and our food came exactly as we ordered. The food also didn’t take too long to arrive.

I enjoyed my visit to Italiano and found it to be a great option for pizza in this side of town. Has anybody else tried Italiano?

  • N^2

    I did try it not long ago and the service was below average, but it was at lunch hour and the place was packed. Other than that, the food was great and the place had a charm of it’s own. The location is meh.

  • A.Ma3wali

    They have the best cheesecake everr!!????

  • Andrew Barrow

    I visted here just before Christmas with my family (7 adults, two small children) and (after a bit of shuffling around) we were accommodated very comfortably. Good food and good service

  • Bassoma

    I like their Italiano Pizza and lasagna. My first visit was during week days and it was empty 🙂 but the next time we had to wait for 15 minutes.