Aug 16, 2011

Irani House – Al Athaiba

Irani House Restaurant (Telephone: 2449 1921 – Map) is local Irani restaurant chain with a branch in Al Khoudh and another one in Al Athaiba. I visited their branch in Al Athaiba which is located in Al Murooj Hotel Apartments that can be found somewhere behind Al Safeer Hypermarket.

The Irani House restaurant doesn’t seem as massive from the inside in comparison to what you would think looking at it from the outside, probably because the restaurant has a separate section for families on the left side of it. The seating Irani House is not too attractive, but it is clean and spacious. I visited the restaurant in Ramadan at night and only a few tables were occupied.

The Irani house offers on its menu soups, starters, Irani rice dishes, Irani grilled dishes, sea food, and stews…. and it is also full of spelling mistakes, but you can’t order that. After we made our order we were presented with a complimentary intro of naan bread and mint salad. The salad was very interesting because it had mint leaves, olives, some sort of feta-like cheese, and walnuts. It was a very small portion, but was nice to crunch on before the meal. I was not a big fan of the bread, it was cold and rubbery a little bit, I can’t imagine that this is how it is supposed to presented.

Irani House offers a number of starters such as hommus, fattoush, vine leaves, kebba, and other similar items. We went for a Shirazi Salad (RO 1.100) which had cucumbers, tomatoes, spring onions, and lettuce, and had some sauce which I wasn’t very sure of what it was made up of – probably a combination of mint, olive oil and some pomegranate. I thought that the salad was pretty nice.

For the main course I had a Special Irani House Chelow Kabab (RO 3.500) which was basically a variety kebab dish served with saffron basmati rice, my friend had a half a grilled chicken served with naan bread (RO 2.600). I was not blown away by the dish I had, even though it was not technically bad or anything, but the grills I had did not radiate with the magical aroma of Irani food and were barely hot when I got them, I thought it was bland.  I tried some of my friend’s grilled chicken and I thought that it was very average. The bread he had with his dish was also just as cold and rubbery as the one we got for the intro.

Irani House serves a number of desserts such as Um Ali, Creme Caramel, and ice cream, but we didn’t try any of them.

The service at the Irani House was quick and our food came exactly as we ordered, the staff members were polite, but they did not seem to be interested in providing us any advice on what we should order.

In total we ordered one salad, two main courses, and one large bottle of water, our bill came to RO 7.500.

I did not think that the food at the Irani House was all that, even though I heard a lot of good things about it in the past and I was surprised to see a lot of Irani people actually having food when we were there. I am not sure if this is a consistency issue or if I just set my expectations too high for this place. I think I might give it another shot in the near future just to see if their food would be better next time.