Apr 18, 2011

Hot Pot & Grills – Bareeq Al Shatti

Hot Pot & Grills (Telephone 2440 4291) is a new Asian grill restaurant located in Bareeq Al Shatti Mall right next to B+F and Wasabi.

The seating in Hot Pot is pretty good with a brick and bamboo theme nicely set. The place is relatively small though and it can seem that you are almost sitting in the middle of the walkway if you sit right next to the entrance.

The concept of Hot Pot is that you order to have a platter of vegetables, chicken, meat, or seafood that gets cooked on your table for you on the circular grill you see in the image above. The platter comes with a variety of vegetables and noodles that gets boiled to be served as soup while the meat or whatever you are having will be grilled  and eventually the whole thing is served with steamed rice and two bowls of soya and chili sauce.

While the concept sounds like fun, it can be a little bit weird because the waiter puts everything for you on the grill, flips the food to make sure it is properly cooked, and then serves it for you on your plate – it can be a little bit awkward to have the waiter standing over your shoulder for the whole time. I am not sure if you can ask to cook your own food on the grill, but I am aware that it could be a little bit risky as some people might eat things raw or burn their food completely if they do not know what they are doing, another thing I should point out is that there is only place for one grill on each 4-person table, so if each person ordered a different thing you will have to wait for each of them to get cooked before you can have the thing you want – this means that the only appropriate way to order these platters is to order different things and just share everything with everyone.

We tried the chicken platter and the seafood platter and I really liked them both, but I have to say that I liked the chicken one more just because I am a big chicken fan!

I thought that soup was way too much that what a person can handle – each one of us just had one small bowl which was barely one quarter of what we could have had.  We were a little bit irritated because the steamed rice only came after we finished the first platter.

In addition to the special hot pot platter, Hot Pot offers a number of soups, salads, dim sums, and sandwiches. We ordered a beef dim sum which took a really really long time to arrive, but was actually pretty delicious when we ended up having it. My friend tried a Hot Pot Burger and quite liked it.

Hot Pot offers a variety of silly-named juices and smoothes, I tried the Lemonino with Mintino (AKA Lemon and Mint) which was as good as what you get in other places.

For some reason, like Wasabi, Hot Pot does not offer any desserts.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 hot pot platters, 1 burger, and 2 fresh juices, our bill was RO 23.217.

I thought the service as Hot Pot was OK, the waiters seem to be very polite and friendly, but the order in which our food came was messed up (the starter came at the end). Hot Pot is not exactly a new place at this point, so it really makes you wonder why they can’t get this right.

I enjoy my experience at Hot Pot and I recommend it to those who want to try some different Asian food.