Nov 19, 2017

Greek Way- Baushar

Greek Way (2459 6439) is situated in a small neighbourhood in Baushar on Al Maha Street very close to Al Maha Petrol Station. It’s a bit hard to spot as the sign is black in colour and it is not prominent on the street. Greek Way serves traditional Greek food by a Greek chef and owner. Its slogan is “Authentic, Fresh and Homemade Greek food.”

Before you even enter the restaurant, you will notice the beautifully painted walls of art outside the restaurant that gives it an authentic feel. There is a small seating area outside directly in front of restaurant however you would be sitting in an elevated area in front of the parking area if you choose to sit there.

Moving inside the restaurant, you can tell a lot of thought and creativity went into the décor. The walls are adorned with the same style of art as outside of various animals. The signature Greek blue colour is used extensively without it being a cliché. A chalkboard with various sayings gave a homey feel to the restaurant. We were welcomed warmly by the waitress and seated in a nearly empty restaurant at around 5 pm on a weekend.   The menu consisted of Appetisers, “Snacks” which appeared to be the Mains, Salad, Soups, Kids Menu, Seafood, Steaks and Desserts. The prices were very reasonable and I would say cheap for a place similar to this elsewhere.

We asked the waitress for her recommendations and she suggested from the Appetisers menu to order Kolokythokeftedes – Courgette Balls (5 pieces – 2.200 OMR) which we did. These were fried zucchini balls with herbs, eggs, feta and onion. We also were recommended a few dishes from the menu, we chose Chicken Giros Pita (1.200 OMR) and Beef Souvlaki Pita (2.000 OMR). The waitress made a mistake as we found out later and she ordered Chicken Souvlaki Pita (2.500 OMR) instead of the beef version.  For the drinks, I didn’t see any mention of it on the menu but when I asked her she said there are a few fresh juices, soda and hot drinks available. We opted for a large bottle of water (0.400 OMR).

The appetiser of Courgette Balls was brought out first. It suffered from a severe lack of salt by my standard and I don’t even like very much salt in my dishes. After putting salt on it, it was fine but I felt it could have had a more punch of flavour.

Next came the Chicken Souvlaki. It was served with fries inside the Souvlaki. One thing I found out, making fries is not their strong suit. They were not crispy and soggy with oil. However, the chicken in the Souvlaki was juicy. This dish kind of had a shawarma feel to it with a dollop of distinction with Greek flavouring. It was ok but I feel it was just too similar to a shawarma and would like to have tried something more Greek. It was also served in this shiny paper with writing on it that cheapened the presentation.

The next dish was Chicken Giros Pita. The grilled chicken skewers were succulent and delicious! I liked this dish very much although it did suffer from the same fries issue as the other dish. The sauce they served with it was amazing and the bread was freshly made and infused with a Greek flavour. All in all, this dish, minus the fries, was a winner.

When asking for our bill, we had communicated to our waitress that she had made a mistake which she apologised for. The one we had ordered was not available anyway. She gave us some free complimentary chocolate chip cookies, which were melt-in-your-mouth, delicious cookies. I haven’t tasted cookies as good as these in a long while. That was a nice gesture on her behalf.

For our bill, the total came to 6.615 OMR which I was rather pleased with and believed it was value for money. At the end of the visit, I was a bit torn if I would come back to Greek Way or not. Although I gave a mixed review of the place, I feel like this restaurant has a lot of promise. The ambience, the pricing and the proximity to our house, all made it easier for me to give them another chance to come back to try other different Greek dishes in the future. I will be back!