Sep 14, 2013

Grand Lounge Turkish Cuisine – Al Khuwair

Grand Lounge

Grand Lounge Turkish Cuisine (Telephone: 2439 1681- [geolocation]) in Al Khuwair is a new branch of the same Grand Lounge restaurant in Ruwi. The Al Khuwair branch of Grand Lounge is located right next to S&H Chocolate Lounge between Ibis hotel and Muscat Holiday. Even though this is another branch of the same restaurant, Al Khuwair branch has as different menu from that served in Ruwi.

Grand Lounge

Just like the Ruwi branch, Al Khuwair branch of Grand Lounge is spacious, sleek, and looks modern. This branch also has a semi-enclosed section surrounded by fish tanks, and another big section in the back that can accommodate bigger parties. There is also an outdoor sections to use when the weather is nice, even though there isn’t really anything nice to look at here.

Grand Lounge

The menu of Grand Lounge is extremely long and can be a bit confusing if you do not know what to have. There is a million and one different hot and cold starters, meat dishes, chicken dishes, and fish dishes in addition to salads, drinks, and desserts.

For the starter we decided to go to for a safe option and an adventures one, our safe option was a Mixed Appetizer (pictured above – RO 3.000) which had the usual hummous, muttabil, marinated olives, and baba ghanoush. This came with a nice hearty piece of warm bread (no picture), we enjoyed it a lot. Our adventures item was a plate of Turkish Sushi (pictured below – RO 2.000) a micro fish roll named sushi as a pun. The three cooked pieces of fish were stuffed with prawn, it was tender, juicy and rich in flavor. I thought it was nice, but really I wouldn’t order it except for the novelty of the name.

Grand Lounge

For the mains we went for the signature dish at Grand Lounge, the Iskender Kebab (pictured first below – RO 4.500) a  dish of grilled meat slices served with yoghurt. It came in a fancy pot that was ceremoniously brought onto our table. We also ordered a portion of Grand Lounge Dream (pictured second below – RO 5.000) a novelty dish invented by the Grand Lounge chef that had grilled fish pieces stuffed with prawns and vegetables. We enjoyed both dishes, but we would have probably enjoyed what we ate more if we only ordered one item instead of two as the portions of the food were huge and we sorta spent too much time on Grand Lounge Dream before we moved to the Iskender. Even though both dishes were nice, I would go for the Iskender if I had only one choice.

Grand LoungeGrand Lounge

We did not order any desserts at Grand Lounge, but the restaurant decided to treat us to a complimentary fruit platter. I am not sure if this item is actually on the menu, but it came with a strange looking candle-lit melon character accompanying the slices of melons, bananas, and oranges. This item was so huge it could have been enough for a group of six people to share.

Grand Lounge

In total we ordered 2 starters, 2 huge mains, and a small bottle of water, our bill came to RO 15.400.

I thought the service at Grand Lounge was great, I was not invited by the restaurant and they had no idea who I am except that I was a guy with a camera who looked like someone from the media, but they were extremely friendly and hospitable and offered many different things as complimentary items to try. Our food came quickly and exactly as ordered. The waiters seemed to be very talkative and gave us suggestions on what to have.

What I found interesting about the Grand Lounge is that their chef seems to be very innovative, I only mentioned two made up dishes, the sushi and the dream, but there are many more on the menu that the chef came up on his own. They might look a little bit graphic, but they could be really worth a try.

I enjoyed my time at the Grand Lounge, it might not be polished as Lokanta, but it is still of a way higher standard than other Turkish restaurants in town. Give it a try and let us know what you think!