May 24, 2013

Grand Fish Market – Al Mawaleh


I recently tried Grand Fish Market ([geolocation]), a seafood restaurant located on Sultan Qaboos Road in Al Mawaleh between Muscat City Centre and Al Mawaleh Bridge. The easiest way to get to the restaurant is to go Al Mawaleh bridge and try to exist the bridge as if you are going down towards Muscat City Center. Take the first exit instantly to the left to see Grand Fish Market.

Grand Fish Market

Grand Fish Market looks massive from the outside and it is like that from the inside as we;;. The restaurant occupies two floors of the  building, with the first floor designated as a families and couples only area. I thought that the dining area was clean, bright and very spacious. I went to Grand Fish Market early in the evening on a week day and the place was quiet with very few other customers in the restaurant.

Grand Fish MarketGrand Fish Market

As the name suggests, Grand Fish Market is a seafood restaurant, but it also serves a variety of appetizers, salads, soups, seafood grills and tajine style dishes. For the starter we had a mixed appetizer (RO 3.500) which had humous, baba ghanouj, tabouleh, stuffed vine leaves, and salad. We also had a arugula and pomegranate salad (RO 1.900). My friend also tried the seafood soup (RO 2.300). I thought that the appertizers and the salad were nice, but not mind blowing. I found the bread that came with them a bit cold and too chewy.  There is semi-consensus that the soup looks creepy, but my friend didn’t seem to have any problem with it.


For the main course we shared one plate of a Seafood Mixed Grill (RO 9.600) which had grilled fish, squid, shrimps, crab cake, and came with chips and a plate of rice on the side. I thought that the portion was good and there was a good variety of seafood on the plate. However, I thought that the food had a strange combination of spices, something like masala with traditional Omani hot spices, and certain items on the plate were strangely extremely spicy. We all ate it, but we were not impressed with the spices used.


The only dessert option that Grand Fish Market had was ice cream, it came with fruit slices, honey, and whipped cream. I did not think that it was good and I did not enjoy it!

I thought that the service at Grand Fish Market was great, the staff were friendly, suggestions options as towhat to eat, the food came quickly and exactly as ordered.

I thought that I had a good time at Grand Fish Market, the place is nice and the service is good, but I just did not think that the food was good enough for me to go back there again.

Have you guys been to Grand Fish Market, what do you think of it?