Sep 29, 2011

Golden Oryx – Ruwi

Golden Oryx (Telephone 2470 2266) is a fine dining Chinese/Thai restaurant located in Ruwi. It is one of the most ancient restaurants in town and remains as one of the most popular around.

Golden Oryx is much bigger than what it seems like from the outside with a huge ground floor seating area and some more seats upstairs too. The place looks a little bit old fashioned and dark, it also seems to attract an older crowd and families more than anything else.

The Golden Oryx has separate Chinese and Thai sections on its menu. We only tried items from the Chinese section during this visit. For the starter we had a portion of Drums of Heaven (2.600) which is basically fried chicken wings prepared in a chinese way. It was nice and came with a great dip, but it still didn’t have enough meat on the chicken for my liking.

For the main course we had a Lobster in Chili Garlic Sauce (RO 10.800 – pictured above) which had sliced pieces of lobster cooked in Chili Garlic sauce. We also had a portion of Drunken Prawns (RO 8.000 – not pictured) which was basically prawns cooked in some sort of spicy soya sauce.  We also had a portion of the “Singapore Chaw Mein” Noodles which were thick noodles with vegetables. I enjoyed the prawns and lobster, though I wasn’t exactly blown away by them. I wasn’t a big fan of the noodles which I thought was a bit greasy.

We didn’t have time to try any of the desserts, but the Golden Oryx had a collection of them that include toffee apple and fried ice cream. It is worth noting that Golden Oryx has previously had an alcohol license, but they have not been successful in renewing it and therefore doesn’t serve alcohol at the moment.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 main courses, 1 noodles, 2 fresh juices, and 1 large bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 32.940.

I thought that the service at Golden Oryx was good, the waiters were friendly, but it took them a long time to bring us our juices and they were unusually warm. I thought that the food at Golden Oryx was good, but not really memorable, especially for the price we paid for it. I am not sure if I will be going there again any time soon.

Have you guys been to Golden Oryx, what do you think of it?