Nov 18, 2012

Warm Chocolate Fondant at Glacier

I recently went to Glacier in Zakher Mall and noticed that they were serving a new version of their Warm Chocolate Fondant that looks nothing like the thing they were serving when I wrote my review of their new menu long time ago. The new Warm Chocolate Fondant still costs RO 2.700, has a proper shell and is filled warm chocolate from the inside, it is served with ice cream on the side. I really enjoyed it when I tried and I think you guys should give it a shot if you happen to be in Glacier.

Have you guys been to Glacier recently, what do you like to have when you go there?

  • DCY

    Looks good enough to eat! Will have to try it when I’m in Oman next Feb.

  • Farah

    hey when will you go to chocolate loung, retro, opera gallery resto’s, breda or mani’s (jawharat el shatti)..haven’t gone any of them yet btw. waiting for you