Sep 6, 2011

Cafe Glacier – Zakher Mall

Cafe Glacier (Telephone: 2448 9245) has recently relaunched its new menu and brand identity in its main branch in Zakher Mall. Glacier is one of the oldest cafes in town and has been famous since the mid 90s fors its waffles and ice cream. You can check our previous review of Glacier in 2008 here.

The new revamped Cafe Glacier features black leather seating and a long leather cushioned wall on the other side. The place looks way more sleek, nice and polished now, but somehow it doesn’t seem that they got the right number of tables or something because the place somehow looks empty and awkward – especially in the middle. We came for lunch around 2.30 on a working day and the place didn’t seem busy at all.

The menu of Glacier has been streamlined and shorted in a manner that makes it really easy to navigate, there are now basically two sheets, one for main courses and the other one for desserts. On the main menu you have appetizers, salads, mains (such as grills, steaks and savory waffles), sandwiches, croques, and breakfast options. On the dessert menu you have a guide for your ice cream base (cup, cone, pancakes, or waffles), ice cream type, and then toppings, in addition to special desserts and drinks.

We decided to try out new things during this visit at Glacier, so I went for the Soup of the Day (RO 1.900) which was a Crab and Corn soup – it came with a few slices of bread, I thought it was OK, but really not very memorable. I wasn’t a big fan of the texture of the soup and now I don’t think it’ll be something I’ll try again. For the main course I thought I’ll go for a Steak and Prawns plate (RO 7.900) which came with a side dish and sauce of my choice. I had mine with fries and peppercorn sauce. The new Glacier menu seems to be big on steaks as it has manu configures at which you can have your steak, but only offers Ribeye pieces. I ordered mine well done, but it came burnt from one side and wasn’t very pleasant – I still finished everything that was on my plate, but again I don’t think I’ll go for steak again at Glacier.

For the desserts we thought we’ll try out something new, none of the ‘selection of the day’ were available so we tried the Warm Chocolate Fondants topped with ice cream (RO 2.700) which wasn’t really warm when it got to us and it looked, I don’t know, kinda sad. Again we wiped our plate clean, but it wasn’t the best dessert we had at Glacier.

In total we ordered 2 soups, 2 steak main courses, a juice, 2 small bottles of water, and 1 desserts. Our bill came to RO 25.300.

We thought the service at Glacier was average as always, not terrible, but not spectacular either. We were not impressed by any of the new items we tried at Glacier. Don’t get me wrong, I think that I still like Glacier, but I think that I will go back to have the good old dishes that we are used to having at Glacier such as the amazing Club Sandwiches and their good old waffles for dessert.

The new interior and seating looks much nicer than what it was before, and the design and layout of the new menu is excellent. I don’t have an item by item comparison, but the average price for an item at Glacier has surely gone up and steaks  cost up to RO 7.900.

We are happy to see that Glacier try to reinvent itself, but I think I’ll stick to their old dishes like I always have.

  • Zionangel

    I love steaks and planning to try this weekend but…ok il try anyway:D thanks for the review

  • Um3azzan

    About the seating, the waiter told us that there are more seats coming so maybe it would be fill the empty space.

    The fondant you got is nothing simmilar to mine, guess the chef wasn’t in a good mood that day 🙂 The sauce was presented in a better way, teh fondant was warm and not emm pushed down? ..

    I love glacier 🙂

  • Kiimy

    Thanks for this app! It’s great and so useful! More than you think! Good job, keep it up 🙂

  • raniya alkhusaibi

    have you tried their home made ice cream? it’s heavenly 🙂
    alo, i really like their coffee and croc madame

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  • Muscat Phil

    Just a general point on ordering meat in Oman. Never order anything ‘well done’. Red meats like Beef or Lamb seem to always be over cooked. Even in the top listed places like Turkish House (which I think is very good for Muscat) where I avoid the lamb. I’ve ordered it twice in the past and both times even asking for rare arrived tough and over done.

  • Basma

    The best in everything

  • Lina

    My favorite restaurant in Oman