Jan 24, 2011

GBK – Muscat City Centre

GBK (Telephone: 2455 8065) is a burger restaurant located on the ground floor of Muscat City Centre right to the left next to the escalator if you are coming from Emax (exact spot of the now closed Hamburger Nation).The restaurant is supposed to be a branch of a British burger chain and has been open for a quite a while now.

The seating in GBK is very nice, the restaurant has a modern sleek feel. I cannot really think of what sort of crowd goes to GBK because the restaurant rarely ever has any crowd – it is usually not busy at all.

GBK offers a number a variety of starters such as potato skins, cheese croquettes, onion rings, feta cheese sticks, quesadillas, calamari. and salads just to mention a few. I have tried different things in the past, but on our last visit we only had fries with mexican sauce (RO 2.150) – which is closer to Chili’s texas fries than B+F’s dynamites fries. We enjoyed the fries and thought it was alright.

The majority of GBK’s menu is naturally dedicated to burgers which are divided into beef burgers, grilled chicken burgers, fried chicken burgers, and vegetarian burgers. In addition to the burgers there are also other a few other main courses on the menu such as sandwiches and steaks. We ordered a Mexican Burger (RO 3.750 – pictured above) which had sour cream, mashed avocado, spicy bean sauce, and served with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, and a Smoked Ranch Burger (RO 3.500 – pictured below) which was smothered with chili mayo and ranch sauce and topped with cheddar cheese, beef bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. I had the Smoked Ranch Burger which I thought was excellent, the burger looked messy, but I somehow managed to handle it properly.

GBK has a number of desserts such as cakes, brownies, and ice cream and they all looked super delicious, unfortunately we were full and didn’t feel like having any during our last visit. For the drinks we had one lemon mint (RO 1.650) and a glass of ice tea (RO 1.650).

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 burgers, and 2 drinks, our total was RO 13. 843.

I thought that the service at GBK was excellent, our food arrived on time and came exactly as ordered. Our overall experience at GBK was very pleasant, but somehow we kept comparing every other thing we got to how it would have been in B+F, my most favorite burger place in town, and which I cannot deny I still like more than GBK. That doesn’t mean that GBK is not a great restaurant nonetheless! I recommend this place over Chili’s if you are in MCC and looking for a quieter place, with better service, and much much nicer burger to have!

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  • I LOVE GBK. Their burgers are scrummy, but the last few times we have been the onion rings haven’t been too good. I hear you about B+F, many a Thursday afternoon you will catch me filling my face with their onion rings, but I don’t think their burgers are as good. Perhaps we could arrange a burger-off?! You can deliver my samples to a secure PO BOX haha 🙂

  • I hope this doesn’t sound outrageous, but I never tried the onion rights at B+F!! I always go for the Dynamite Fries! 😛

  • Well I am horrified! 😛 in fact… I have a craving right now, give them a go next time. If you can’t finish them, send them my way 🙂

  • Eta Architect

    GBK’s Ribeyes and Canjun are Best:D

  • Eta Architect

    GBK’s Ribeyes

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  • ???? ????

    I have dined there several times and truth to told I didn’t like the food at all, the service is excellent but the food isn’t with the exception of the French Fries which might be the best I have tried maybe because they are fresh and tastes like real potato

  • Mohammed

    Well, I’ve been there today and had falafel burger which surprisingly wasn’t bad but not excellent, I would from a scale of 10 to 1 give it 8 and also the classic burger slider which was really good. I tried their cheese fried which was ammmm…okay not good but ok, I would hopefully (Inshallah) and definitely dine there again.

  • Mohammed

    fuck you for all that