Oct 25, 2013

Fauchon – Opera Galleria


Fauchon (Telephone: 2234 6999 – Map ) is a high end French bakery and restaurant located in the Opera Galleria outside next to the main building of the at Royal Opera House Muscat next to The Indus and Al Angham.


Fauchon is gorgeous from the outside and inside. It is very bright, airy and has a sleek look overall. The seating area of Fauchon is big. I went in the evening during the weekend and the place was very crowded. Though the place has an obviously girly theme throughout its branding and through its extensive use of pink in its lighting, for some reason, most table were occupied by groups of Omani guys. I am not sure if they actually like the place, or they are there with the intention of flirting with the girls who are supposed to visit the place. If you are not comfortable with people staring at you or you like private places, you may not enjoy going to Fauchon.


Fauchon is a dessert bakery and restaurant, kinda like Paul, but way more fancy (and more expensive). The menu of Fauchon is big, it has a breakfast section, sandwiches, salads, soups, cold and hot starters, regular mains, seafood mains, vegetarian mains, pastas, and desserts & pastries. At the time of writing Fauchon has not started serving breakfast yet.

After we made our order we were treated to a complimentary plate of bread. The first of these breads was with olives, the second was with sun-dried tomato and parmesan, and the last was plain. The bread seemed to be warm out of the oven, had a nice shell, and was cloudy and delicious from the inside, they were all excellent.


For the starter we decided to go for the Breaded Mozzarella and Seared Tomato Terrine (RO 5.000) from the hot starters section. The mozzarella breaded shell had parmesan pineseeds and came with greens on the side. I found this to be delicious, the crust was perfectly crunchy yet smooth and the mozzarella warm and rich. The tomato terrine was also excellent and nicely complimented the mozzarella.


For the main course I had a Fauchon Burger (RO 11.000) which had a beef patty with Comte cheese, grilled zucchini and tomatos. It was served with a special dressing and chunky fries. The burger was nice and juicy, and the bun was nice and tasted great, but was it special enjoy to justify the RO 11 I paid for it? I don’t think so. My friend had a Fauchon Chicken Carbonara (RO 6.500) which had diced beef bacon, shredded tarragon cooked cream and parmesan. While he did not really appreciate the mix of chicken and bacon a lot, he still enjoyed it a lot and thought it was good.


Fauchon offers many desserts such as carremenfraise, opera cake and chocolate fondant, along with many other items on display. We decided to go for a variety collection of macaroons (RO 1 per piece). The macaroons we tried were tender, perfectly crunchy from the outside  and had a beautiful core that melts in your mouth. I enjoyed them a lot.


In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 mains, 1 drink, 1 large bottle of water, and 6 macaroons, our bill total was RO 38.142.

I thought that the service at Fauchon was great, the waiters were friendly and our food came exactly as ordered. The restaurant is also extremely polished and the presentation of the food is top notch.

I thought that most of the food I had, the plate of bread, the starters, and the desserts were amazing, but my main was average. As a signature restaurant at the Opera Gallery, it is normal to expect to pay more than what you would pay for the same kind of food elsewhere.

I enjoyed my time at Fauchon, I think I would like to go there again to try some of their other desserts.

Have you guys been to Fauchon? What do you think of it?

  • yuseff13

    Brilliant review; the burger looks appetizing and certainly worth a try.
    I’d like to try Fauchon out once they start serving breakfast as well I guess.

  • Muscat Phil

    A burger for 11 rials is a ridiculous price to pay. I can’t imagine paying that for a burger in a top London hotel or Gordon Ramsey establishment. It’s minced beef & a bun. Sounds like the macaroons were good, they look good at least but it sounds to me that Fauchon is just jumping onto the whole pompous, look-how-much-money-I-have atmosphere that evades the whole of the Opera House complex. I detest the place but thank you for your review and I love the Omani guys comments. So typical and true.

  • OPNO

    I love Fauchon because it reminds me of home–I prefer lunch to evenings there though because like you said, not very private…Macaroons are divine (only good ones besides those at the chedi I’ve had so far) and the espresso with dark chocolate is so good. As if the fresh vanilla pod used in the vanilla milkshake. I am a cafe person, so as far as cafes go, I am willing to pay more for Fauchon. I just feel awkward there as girl there at night if I am going alone, you know, to edit a paper while enjoying drinks and sweets, ect..

  • El

    Tried the place twice, first time felt very fancy after an opera performance. Recently went for take away & was hugely disappointed: didn’t feel attention as a customer because they kept serving others but the worst was an Indian girl touching a garbage bin, then putting pastries in the box. Apparently they use the same gloves over & over again. Then at home found a huge hair in the eclair. Disgusted!