Nov 22, 2010

Dawaat | Sohar

Dawaat (Sohar 26847565, Ruwi 24787980) is an upper mid range Indian Restaurant in Sohar and Ruwi. Dawaat is located in Sohar Souq somewhere not too far from the Souq Roundabout.

The size of the Dawaat Restaurant is not too bad and has thing “triangle” theme thing going on all over the ceiling, wall, and even the back of the chairs – which I think makes the restaurant looks horrendous – it’s not that the place is dirty or anything, but it is just UGLY. From the color theme, the ridiculous trivia table paper and even the silly plants around the place.  Dawaat Sohar is definitely the worst looking restaurant I’ve reviewed in Oman in 2010.

The menu of Dawaat is the typical generic Indian/Chinese menu found in restaurants of its class – soups, grilled stuff, Mughlai food, rice, bread, chinese food, and noodles. We ordered two plates of Chicken Tikka Masala (RO 3.000 each) for the starter along with a Dal Shorba (Lentil Soup – RO 0.800) and Chicken Manchow Soup (RO 0.900). I only tried the Chicken Tikka Masala which was average and a tiny bit too moist for my liking.

For the main course we ordered a chicken biryani (Pictured above – RO 2.000), a portion of Chicken Masala (RO 2.400), and a portion of Chicken Manchurian (RO 2.200) along with a mixed bread basket. I only tried the Chicken Biryani, which was much drier that usual even though the appropriate spiciness. I’ve tried in the past and it was so much better, but that is one of the main problems of this place – the quality of their food is inconsistent – at times the food comes out perfect, on other days it is cold, dry, too moist, or something is wrong with it. I do not know if they have more one chef inside, but there is no guarantee that the food will come out the same way as you had on your last visit.

My biggest complaint about Dawaat is their service, it is not that the service is bad in the traditional sense, but the waiters and the restaurant manager are all very annoying people – I hate how the manager doesn’t really speak Arabic or English and mixes a bit of both to get buy and I think this is the perfect language combination to deal with your typical Omani customers in Sohar, but it just annoys me because I cannot ever tell if he understands what I’m saying because he will respond to me in broekn Arabic when I speak to him in English. What is more annoying is that the do not give you a chance to have your food the way you want and forcefully serve it for you, I almsot always have to shout at them to force them stop doing that every time I go to the restaurant, and what annoys me the most is that they will run to take the food from infront of you once they see that you have stopped eating even though other people with you on the table are not done eating – they will go as far to get you a small bowl of water and lime to wash your hands while other people are still eating – it drives me insane.

In total we had 2 starters, 2 soups, 3 main courses, 1 mixed bread basket, a few soft drinks, and a bottle of water for about RO 15.

Dawaat is not exactly my most favorite place to go eat at in Sohar, but now that Woodlands has closed down this place is the only decent place which I can go to have Indian food, the day another proper restaurant opens I will probably never come back here again. I am not sure if I got spoiled by how great Woodlands was, cause the food is edible, but the service really turns me off. I know I complained a lot, but don’t surprised if you see me there soon though cause really there are no other options!!