Sep 23, 2011

Cowboy Grills – Bareeq Al Shatti

Cowboy Grills (Telephone: 2440 4233) is a new mexican grill take out restaurant located in the food court of Bareeq Al Shatti. It serves salads, hard shell tacos, burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, and pastas. The main highlights of Cowboy’s menu are the tacos, burrito, and quesadillas section for which you can pick whatever filling you want to have in them and the salad and salsa to have added. An individual taco costs RO 0.800 and does not come with anything else, burritos and Quesadillas on the other hand cost RO 2.000 each and come with tortilla chips (you can replace that for french fries if you tell them early on).

There are effectively two fillings which are used for everything at Cowboy Grills: beef or chicken. I decided to have a beef taco and I was given the option to have it with medium salsa or the hot salsa, and I also had a Buffalo Chicken wrap which came with french fries and a dip.  I really liked the taco I had and the salsa was seriously hot as I was warned, but I enjoyed the kick of it and it wasn’t messy at all. The chicken wrap came in lebanese bread, was quite big in size and tasted great. The french fries came with some sort of piri piri powder on it which was really nice, I would have hoped for the french fries portion to be a bit more. In total I ordered 1 taco, 1 chicken wrap that came with fries, and 1 small bottle of water, I paid RO 2.940 in total.

I really enjoyed my food at Cowboy Grills, the quality of the food is great and it doesn’t feel at all like crappy fast food places we have here. Have you guys been to Cowboy Grills, what do you think of it?