Mar 30, 2012

Come Prima – Crowne Plaza

Come Prima (Telephone 2466 0660 – Map) is an Italian restaurant located on the ground level of the Crowne Plaza Hotel right next the restaurant Shiraz. I only recently tried it for the very first time for lunch.

Come Prima is located on the far right side of the Crowne Plaza right next to Shiraz. It has a very modern and sleek theme and is quite spacious. It also has some outdoor seatings that oversee the ocean and Shatti Al Qurum which can make up for a really nice view during the cooler times of the year.

We came to Come Prima for lunch on a week day, it was mostly empty with a few other guests who seemed to be a bit older and were there for what seemed like a business lunch.

Come Prima has a special lunch offer called Pronto Lunch where you can have a two course meal for RO 12 and a three course meal for RO 15 – both of which come with a glass of wine or any other drink of your choice. The pronto lunch menu covers only a small number of items from the much bigger menu that Come Prima serves, we still thought we will give it a shot because it sounded like a really good deal.

Right after we made our order we were presented with an entre of bread buns that came with some dried tomatoes and a dip, I found the buns nice and I enjoyed having them with the dried tomatoes.

For the starter I ordered a Bruschetta Classica – which was a long plate of baken slices of bread with fresh tomato, extra virgin oil, garlic, and basil. The bread was not too crunchy and the toppings were nice and not too overwhelming. I liked it quite a lot. My friend on the other hand had a chickpeas soup, which he thought was very simple, but he still liked it.

For the main course I ordered a chicken breast with oysters, mushroom, and truffles which came with a salad on the side. I thought it was well done and delicious, I also liked the salad I got which I thought came in the perfect portion. My friend on the other hand had a Seafood Risotto as his main which he enjoyed quite a bit.

For the dessert we both had a Tortino Calod Fredo Al Ciocolato – a mini chocolate volcano that came with a scoop of ice cream which I devoured with ease.

Being the boring person I am, I had my meal with a glass of orange juice.

In total we had 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 desserts, and 2 drinks (or in other words 2 pronto lunches 3 course meals), our bill came to RO 30.000. I thought that it was nice that the price came exactly as advertised with no hidden charges or additional taxes to pay (of course that doesn’t include the tip).

I thought that the staff were friendly, but the service was a bit on the slow side. My friend had a very slow experience the last time he was here too, so I suggest that you keep this mind if you do come here.

Over all I had a very pleasant experience, I thought that the food was great, simple, delicious, and not pretentious. The pronto lunch is a really good deal in my opinion and totally great value for money. I recommend Come Prima to anyone looking for a nice Italian lunch with a spectacular view.