Dec 5, 2012

S&H Chocolate Lounge – Al Khuwair

S&H Chocolate Lounge (Telephone 96581941 – Map) is a new local chocolate cafe started by my good friends Salman and Hamza Al Lawati. S&H Chocolate Lounge is located in Al Khuwair somewhere behind Ibis Hotel in the same building as OMNEIC (facing the main entrance of Muscat Holiday). The sign of the restaurant does not directly face the road, but it is quiet easy to find.

S&H Chocolate Lounge has a spacious nice modern seating area. The place still remains relatively undiscovered, when I came on a weekday evening last month the place was quiet with only two other tables occupied.

S&H Chocolate Lounge is primarily a chocolate dessert cafe, but in addition to their crepes, waffles, and chocolate desserts, they also serve sandwiches, paninis, salads, and savoury crepes and waffles. Chocolate Lounge also offers a variety of truffles and chocolates that may be ordered on a plate or sold in weighed boxes.

I was there for dinner, so I ordered a Classic Club Sandwich (RO 2.500) from the sandwiches section of the menu which came with Sohar crisps. I really enjoyed my sandwich and thought the Sohar crisps were a fun replacement for fries.

We had a really tough time picking the dessert to have cause everything on that section seemed delicious. We ended up having a fondue (RO 5.000) which came with slices of  with slices of bananas, strawberries, and kiwis, marshmallows and waffle bites. I found the chocolate great and the fruits quite fresh.

I got to try many other things at Chocolate Lounge including a variety of truffles (pictured above) and chocolate shots (not pictured) both of which were great.

I cannot remember exactly how much the food cost because I cannot find the receipt I took at the time of writing, but I remember that I found the prices at Chocolate Lounge extremely cheap in comparison to other cafes in the same class.

I enjoyed my visit to Chocolate Lounge, the food and desserts were great and the service was excellent.

Have you guys been to S&H Chocolate Lounge? What do you think of it?