Sep 17, 2008

Chili’s – Muscat City Centre

It’s hard to believe that we never wrote about Chili’s on the Omani Cuisine even though we mention it in almost every other post we make. Chilis is an international casual dining restaurant chain that serves Mexican/American food. The only Chili’s branch we have in Oman is found in Muscat City Centre opposite the old Starbucks near the food court. Even after the opening of three other dine-in restaurants in City Center over the past two years, Chilis is still undeniably the most popular.

(Boneless Buffalo Wings)

The crowd at Chili’s is mixed and it attracts people from all age groups, probably because it was the ONLY proper place to dine in in City Centre and the Seeb area generally for a while. Chili’s is pretty big in size andis  spacious, it has a designated place for smokers down inside and has a sitting area for those waiting for take away orders and those waiting for a table to get cleared during peak hours.

(Club Tacos)

The menu of Chili’s is pretty big and has many different sections that include starters (RO 2.5 to RO 4), salads (RO 3.2 to RO 4.9), burgers (RO 2.4 to RO 3.1), sandwiches (~ RO 3), grills (RO 4.8 to RO 7.9), steaks (RO 6 to RO 7), misc courses (RO 3.9 to RO 4.9), desserts (RO 2.5 to RO 2.7) and drinks (starting from RO 0.9). 

(Fajita Quesadillas)

There are several nice starters in Chilis, but like the majority of their dishes, they are large in quantity and should be shared with another person. I advise you to only order more than one starter if you are in a group of more than three people. Our favourite starters are the Fajita Nachos, Triple Play (Fried Cheese Rolls, Chicken Wings, and Eggrolls), Texas Fries (Chips covered with chili sauce and jalapinos), and the Boneless Buffalo Wings. Go for the Triple Play if you are three or four people, and take the Texas Fries only if your main course is not served with chips.

Selecting a main course at Chili’s can be quite hard because there is so much to choose from. If it is your first time I suggest that you go for a steak or a fajita, as they are Chili’s highlights. There are a variety of fire grilled steaks seasoned with different sauces. All steaks come with two pre-selected sidelines such corn and mashed potatoes along with garlic bread. You can always ask to have something else instead of these sidelines if you wish. The waiters might not tell you this, but you can have rice, beans, chips, or cooked vegetables instead of the corn and mashed potatoes. 

Chili’s Club Sandwiches

Another first time selection which you can go for is a fajita (not pictured), which can be chicken, beaf, or prawn, cooked with vegetables and mexican sauces and comes served with flat tortila bread and dips which you can use to create your own sandwiches as you eat. You can have a mix of chicken, beef and prawns instead of selecting one and you can also optionally add mushroom to the mix. This is one of the main courses which you can share if you do not think you can finish it all by yourself. It is a little bit messy and will require you to use your hands, so only select it if you are ready to do that.

Of course there are loads and loads of other dishes to try if you do not like any of the ones mentioned above, I always go for the Club Tacos when I feel like having something ‘lighter’ or a Fajita Pita when I feel like having a sandwich. There are also some other dishes like the pasta pictured above, the quesadillas, burgers, salads, and others.

The most popular desert at Chili’s is the Molten Chocolate Cake (RO 2.7), it is a hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top. It is enough for four people to share after a meal. If you are sick of having the awesome Molten Chocolate Cake I suggest that you try to the Cheese Cake which I only tried once but really loved.

A meal at Chilis for two people at Chilis would cost around RO 12 to RO 15 if you have a starter, two main courses, two soft drinks and a desert. 

I think that the food at Chilis is really good, it is one of the few places on Al Seeb side of town to dine in, we never get sick of it. I am not sure about how good the service is these days, it used to be much better in the past as we have had several incidents on which the service was extremely slow and sloppy even when there weren’t many people dining. However, we always go back because we love their food.

  • What I like the most about Chili’s is the service & atmosphere.

    Very nice people there.

    With all the new restaurants opening in City Center, didn’t you notice that Chili’s prices are very cheap compared to them?

    In some restaurants like Biella & The Noddle House, a bill for two persons won’t come out less than 20 rials. In the summer, three of my friends and I went to Chili’s after a very long time of not being there, and getting used to the other extremely expensive restaurants in town. We ordered three main courses, four drinks, and the Molten Chocolate Cake (which was absolutely delicious). Guess what did the bill come out?

    16 rials only. 🙂

    I was a bit shocked, because we were four and the bill came out to be 16 rials only. While if we were in any other restaurant, it would have at least come out to be 40 rials or above.

  • DUDE !!!

    how much did you eat ?????

  • Amjad, I never actually thought of that, but Chili’s is actually the cheapest now!

    Omanymous, you know.. I was fasting all day long, I HAD TO EAT.

    J/K, those are actually photographs from several previous visits to Chili’s, I had some a couple of days ago, but we only ordered several starters and shared them instead of having a main course.

  • Molten Choc Cake is my fav too! I wish Chili’s had a branch in Al Khuwair/Qurum area.

  • Chili’s isn’t cheaper when it comes to food. It’s the cost of drinks in those new restaurants that gets the bills so high. If you go to Chili’s and have a starter and a main course, your bill can easily be 10 rials per person. But people in Oman love Chili’s because they order starters which they split among them. I know many people who go to Chili’s and never order a main course. They just split one order of nachos, one Triple Play, one Texas Fries, and maybe one Boneless Buffalo Wings. That’s four platters of starters which are enought o feed maybe 4 or 5 people. No need for a main course. And if you order soft drinks you get unlimited refills.

    When you go to Noodle House, a soft drink is 700 baisas and it’s not even a full can.

  • Persian Princess

    My experience at chili’s has not been so great. the one and only time I visited there, the food was OKish, the service was not good and the ambiance, no better than McDonalds.
    Total thumbs down I’m afraid!!

  • daniel peralta

    Pls. give us your office and your Marketing Manager GSM #

  • wow chili's I love spicy foods, all the foods there are delicious and very mouth watering.. Wish I could be there someday.

  • crisfrankel

    The only problem about those pictures is that they're making me hungry.

  • Tonya

    anyone know the operating hours during Ramadan??

  • Tonya

    anyone know the operating hours during Ramadan??

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  • Arnold Alkuino

    we loved the food!!!!

  • Ru

    Not a big fan at all! dono what’s all the fuss about :S

  • Nihal Al Kindi

    I personally LOVE Chili’s food but HATE their service. Honestly one of the WOREST service I’ve ever encountered. But yeah I go back for the food, sometimes its worse the frustration of the bad service. 

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  • Wkaar

    Becoming worse and worse
    Only molten choco cake I can enjoy it.

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  • Jihan

    Not a big fan of chillis,,had so many bad experience with their food..but I most agree their staff are very good

  • Steven

    Truth to be told , Chili’s is one of those restaurants that you go to for a no-fail experience , their food is decent , the portions are HUGE and their staff is fast and friendly . However , Chili’s cannot cook a steak right , they always give you a piece of meat that looks decent but tastes like rubber , their Salmon is perfect and it is always consistently good .
    one of the things that really annoyed me is the fact that the staff always asks about “where’re you from sir ? ”
    why ? and why do I have to provide that information ?
    makes me feel uncomfortable , otherwise , its good and you get value for your money , for less than 10 OMR you can eat as much as you can and more and still have a few rials for dessert