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Nov 22, 2010

Dawaat | Sohar

Dawaat (Sohar 26847565, Ruwi 24787980) is an upper mid range Indian Restaurant in Sohar and Ruwi. Dawaat is located in Sohar Souq somewhere not too far from the Souq Roundabout.

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Mar 19, 2010

Quiznos – Sohar

The first branch of Quiznos (Telephone: 2684 4869) in Oman recently opened in Sohar. It located right next to Lulu near the Globe Roundabout. Quiznos is a fastfood sandwich restaurant that is very similar to Subway.

Quiznos is so similar to Subway half the sandwiches are almost identical. They they both serve Chicken Teriyaki, Meatball Marinara, Classic Italian, and Pizza Sub to mention a few, but in addition to these Quiznos also has some unique sandwiches such as the Mesquite Chicken with Beef Strips, Peppercorn Steak, and Chicken Picante.

Sandwiches come in 6″ or 12″ sizes, but unlike Subway, in Quiznos you don’t customize your sandwich bit by bit. The menu specifies what salad and sauce the sandwich will have, but you can explicitly tell them to remove an item from it you don’t want to have it.

I was very frustrated by the menu and the staff, the moment we got in the cashier gave us the menu which doesn’t mention anywhere that the prices on it are for takeaway only and it costs more to dine in. I discovered this only after I paid and discovered that asked him how come we got charged more for each item (even before taxes were added).

The menu also didn’t mention that there are a variety of bread types which you can have your sandwich in, once we made our order, the cashier told us that we can have white bread, brown bread, or rose mary parmesan bread, I asked to have mine in parmesan bread, he replied to me saying “BUT that will cost you 200 baisa extra”. It is not that I cannot afford 200 baisa, but I think that it is just not reasonable to tell me that I have options and I after I make my selection you tell me that I would have to pay extra for this even though other places offer it for free. What’s even worse is that after I got my receipt I discovered that he charged me 300 baisa for it?!! I asked him why he did that when he told me it would cost me 200 baisa. He apologized saying that he made a mistake and ordered two breads instead of one. (I don’t understand how two 200 baisa items would cost 300 baisa, but anyway). He then gave me a 100 baisa back.

I ordered a traditional sub (pictured above) which had smoked turkey breast, roast beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onions, black olives, and ranch dressing. According to the menu I had it cost RO 1.500 for a 6″. I asked if they had any alternative for a meal deal other than the Lays crisp. I really didn’t feel like having a crisp, so I thought I’ll just have a drink by its own. It costs RO 0.500 to have a refillable cup of Pepsi and RO 0.600 to add a small bag of Lays crisp to it.

I was not blown away by the sandwich I got, even though the bread was in my opinion nicer than Subway’s I think I made a bad choice with my filling. I think that I am more into meaty sandwiches that have solid pieces of beef or chicken. Or maybe I was just bitter about the messed up prices on the menu and the misleading cashier that I couldn’t enjoy the sandwich enough. I don’t know.

Aug 23, 2009

Silk Route – Sohar

Silk Route - Sohar

Silk Route (Telephone: Sohar 26844656, MQ 24696967) is a Chinese-Thai restaurant that had its branch in MQ for a number of years, it recently opened in Sohar Plaza in Sohar. The restaurant is located on the first floor of Sohar Plaza, if you are coming from Muscat, you can get to this new mall by turning right from the Sohar Roundabout and  then turn left from the first roundabout after it to go towards the new banks district. Sohar Plaza is less than a five minute drive on that road and it cannot be missed.

Silk Route - Sohar

Silk Route is a very fancy restaurants, the seating and decor is nice, the lighting is calm and the place is very spacious. There is also apparently a private dinning room which could be seen on the back left side of the image above. We went on the last night before Ramadhan, which could be the reason why it was practically empty. The place lack of guests could be due to the fact that it is also currently the most expensive restaurant in Sohar – more on this later.

Silk Route - Complimentary Intros

The menu is Silk Route is very long, none of us was an expert on Chinese food and we had no idea what to have, so we almost picked stuff randomly. In Silk Route, before you order anything you get a complimentary intro of shrimp chips and some weird lettuce(?) side. These intros come with a Thai sweet chili sauce and a hot chili sauce. The shrimp chips were nice, but nothing super special, the other vegetable starter was a bit too spicy, we didn’t have much of it.

Assorted Dim-Sum - Silk Route

We had three starters, the first was some Assorted Dim-sums (pictured above). These were Chinese dumplings cooked in some sauce, the cover was made up of some very watery wrap and the inside had chopped chicken with vegetable or chopped prawns with vegetables. Eating this was a unique experience, but at the end we all decided that we did not like it.


Our second starter was a plate of chicken winglets, it was well cooked and the coating crunchy and well flavoured. We really loved it.

Chicken Tidbits

Our third started was a plate of “Chicken Tidbits”, these are small chicken pieces fried in some sort of sweet or honey sauce. The portion was huge and it tasted really nice. Besides the dim-sums, we really liked the starters, but we thought that they are a bit too much, especially if you take the intros into consideration. Each of these starters is meant to be shared by a group of four people.

Chicken balls in Garlic - Silk Route

We ordered four main courses, the first was a ball of chicken balls in garlic sauce. The chicken was finely minced and mixed with spices and was dipped in a garlic sauce. It was very tender, sort of tasted like a “kofta” dish, and was collectively our favourite item we had.

Silk Route - Chicken Black Pepper Sizzler

The second main course we had was a Chicken Black Pepper Sizzler, which was literally just that. I thought it would be somewhat dusty because of all the black pepper, but it wasn’t, it was not too spicy either and tasted nice.

Chicken Noodles

Our third main course was a bowl of Stir Fried Chicken Noodles, nothing out of the ordinary, and a tiny bit bland.

Silk Route - Beef Five Spices

Our final starter was a dish of sliced beef cooked in five spices. Not exactly sure of what they are now, but we really didn’t like it that much, I thought that it was too sour.

For the drinks we had Coke and Mountain Dew, did not try anything special. Our drinks were machine served and barely had any fizz in them left. We did not try any of the desserts of Silk Route.

The service at Silk Route was excellent, not sure how it would have been if it were busy, but the waiters were buzzing around us and seemed hospitable, though nobody helped us pick our dishes or made suggestions on what we should have, even though we seemed like we have never been to it before and kept on asking questions about the dishes.

In conclusion, we ordered three starters, four main courses, five soft drinks, and a small bottle of water for RO 30.800. I don’t have the actual dish costs, but each starter/main course costs about RO 4, soft drinks cost about RO 0.5 and they are not refillable.

It is great to have some more nice restaurants in Sohar where you can go out and dine in. Silk Route has a great atmosphere and the service is great, however, we were not blown away by the food we had. It is true that picked randomly from the menu, but we ordered a lot of food and barely had anything seriously memorable. I never tried the MQ branch, so I cannot compare it with that one. However, the place is also literally empty, not sure if this was because it was Ramadhan or what, but it is obviously the most expensive restaurant in Sohar now and it’s prices might be a bit too much for Soharians.

Dec 19, 2007

Review: Woodlands – Sohar

Woodlands Restaurant - Sohar

Fine Indian restaurant Woodlands has opened earlier this year in Sohar. If you are coming from Muscat you have to take the right turn from the Sohar Globe roundabout and then turn left from the first roundabout after it to go towards the new banks district. Woodlands is five minutes from there right before Al Turaif roundabout on the left side of the road. This is the third branch Woodlands opens, the first is in Ruwi in Muscat, the second is in Salalah, and the third most recent one is in Sohar. Woodlands won the Oman2day Restaurant Awards 2007 for the best service category and was a finalist in the best Indian restaurant category (which was eventually won by Mumtaz Mahal).

Woodlands Restaurant

Woodlands Sohar looks nice, it is very spacious and has tables varying in sizes for all sorts of diners. There are also three or four private family rooms with eight seats each. I am not sure of the smoking policy in Mumtaz, but I doubt they allow it. We thought that the staff of Woodlands were all very friendly and caring, though at many times they did not seem to be trained actually well (They surely did not win the award mentioned earlier for their Sohar branch). I’ve only been to the restaurant with my family, yet we were never offered any of the family private rooms before we asked for one. In my most recent visit to the restaurant, each one of us ordered a main course each but when the food came the waiter took one of the food pots and started putting some of it on each of our plates without asking us if we wanted to share it or not. A major third blooper is that there is no way to ask for anything when you dine in a private family room without going out of the room and calling a waiter. Not sure if they are not supposed to check on your in the family rooms for culture reasons or not. Not to say that Woodlands’ service is horrible, they are usually fast and never screw up your food, but occasional bloopers happens quit often probably because the restaurant is relatively new.

Woodlands Restaurant

Woodlands menu is quite large and can be hard to decipher, especially as the person who wrote the menu must’ve had gotten tired halfway through as the first half of the menu has descriptions of each menu item, while the other half has titles only. We asked the waiter for help on several occasions, but the answer he gave always was ‘this is chicken cooked with onion and capsicum, it is a gravy dish’ for half the dishes we asked about, and that was not really helpful. The manager occasionally tours around and he seems to have suggestions on what to have and more things to say about the dishes than newer waiters.

Woodlands Restaurant

Regardless of how much I bitch about Woodlands, it is actually my favourite restaurant at the moment, I love their food. They have a wide set of starters, my favourites are the Crumb Fried Fish and Chicken Lolly Pops (both not pictured), on our last visit we had Fish Tikka (pictured above) which we unfortunately did not like, the fish tasted weird and each piece shattered into threads when we poked it with a fork. The waiter might suggest you take two or three starters at least, even if you are two or three people only, which could be too much if you are going to have a main course each. The best starter we had was the Crumb Fried Fish, be sure to try that one out.

Woodlands Restaurant

We had no complaints about the main courses, everything we tried tasted amazing. We always order the gravy Chicken Manchurian (pictured above) which we thought was rich with flavour and very well done. We usually have this with buttered or garlic naan bread. My personal favourite is the Chicken Biryani (pictured earlier above). I hesitated to have it because I thought it would such a boring dish to have, but now I don’t think that I’ll ever have a Chicken Biryani better than that of Woodlands. It was not too spicy yet very delicious. We tried a Kadai Chicken gravy (pictured below) which was also good. We thought that the potion of food given was very decent.

Woodlands Restaurant

We did not explore the drinks menu of Woodlands and have only been drinking soft drinks during our visits. It is worth mentioning that Woodlands Sohar does not serve alcohol.

Vegetarian dishes at Woodlands cost about RO 2, chicken and meat dishes cost aroud RO 2.5 and sea food dishes start from RO 3. Bread starts from 0.300 a bread. In our very recent visit to Woodlands we had 1 fish starter, 4 main courses, some bread, and 3 soft drinks for about RO 19 – taxes included.

We thought that dining at Woodlands was generally a pleasant experience, disregarding the occasional waiters’ cluelessness of what they menu has. The food is delicious and the place is nice. All of you rich people coming to purchase land plots in Sohar can finally have a good dine-in restaurant to celebrate your new investment in Sohar itself.