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Aug 17, 2018

Wagamama – Al Qurum

When Wagamama (24561010) opened in Oman, it opened with a bang.  All kinds of social media coverage, adverts and talks went on to highlight the opening of Wagamama by Bin Mirza International.  Wagamama is a Japanese/Asian fusion chain restaurant located opposite Second Cup and is part of Al Qurum Complex in Al Qurm.  It was newly opened when I went and has enjoyed a packed restaurant as observed most nights due to the buzz surrounding it.

When we first arrived to the restaurant on a Thursday night, the acoustics of the place reflected the sheer amount of people in the room as it was very loud.  There were no tables available so we needed to wait a few minutes for one to be free.  As we had a baby with us, we stepped out of the small waiting area which was already filled with awaiting diners.  I thought it was odd that they didn’t take our names or our numbers to let us know when a table would be ready as there were many different parties waiting.  We went back inside after 10 minutes and were informed that our table was ready.  A hostess escorted us to our table through a maze of tables to our table.

Wagamama’s interior was well lit, minimalistic and classy.  Its tables were all wooden and unlike many other Wagamama’s that I’ve seen around the world, rather than primarily long communal wooden tables, it had traditional smaller tables for each group most likely to cater for the Omani customer.  It had a long workstation at the back of the restaurant where you could see the chefs and cooks in the kitchen preparing all your dishes.  I think the interior is definitely one of the most pleasant interiors for a restaurant like Wagamama.

The menu was extensive and they had many mouth-watering choices to choose from.  We chose their Chicken Dimsum (3.000 OMR), Chicken Katsu Curry (5.900 OMR) and Miso Salmon with Quinoa (No details for price but around 6-7 OMR).  For drinks, we ordered a Mint Lemonade (2.500 OMR).

The drink came out first and this was my favourite item that Wagamama served (It may be bad that my favourite item was not the food!).  It was very refreshing and tasty.  I would order it again in a heartbeat.

The first food dish to come out was the Chicken Dim Sums.  They were good but ordinary.  The sauce was flavourful.  The problem was that I have had better dim sums in Oman.

The next to come out was the Chicken Katsu Curry.  I’ve had this at other Wagamama restaurants around the world, so I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t exactly the same.  I couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was different but it was different to what I remembered.  Don’t get me wrong, this was still a good dish but it could have been better!

Next came the Miso Salmon with Quinoa.  I thought the salmon was cooked very nicely.  It was seared so it had a nice flavour but I really didn’t get the miso flavour too much.  It also wasn’t very filling for that portion size for my partner.  I wouldn’t order this again as I feel that they would most likely have better things on their menu.

The service at Wagamama was impeccable.  There was a real attention to detail and a genuine friendliness about them that I liked.

The total bill of our dishes came out to 19.215 which is on the higher side of the range of what we usually pay for a restaurant similar to this.

Although I didn’t love the dishes, I loved the general atmosphere of Wagamama and would come back to try some more of their dishes.

Note:  We have since returned to Wagamama and ordered two different dishes; Firecracker Shrimp and Steak Bulgogi.  We didn’t like either dish.  They have also since removed Miso Salmon with Quinoa from their menu.

Feb 18, 2018

Hayat’s Restaurant – Al Qurum

As a healthy food blogger, I wanted to try out something closer to what I eat every day, so after hearing about Hayat’s Restaurant for a while, I decided to give it a go one Saturday afternoon. It is really difficult to find delicious and healthy food in Oman, so I was eager to try the food Hayat’s Restaurant would be serving. Hayat’s restaurant is located on Sayh Al Malih Street next door to Sauce Kitchen in Al Qurum. If you are heading towards PDO you pass this group of restaurants block in which Hayat’s Restaurant is among them.
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Aug 11, 2014

Thai Corner – Al Qurum

Thai Corner

Thai Corner (Telephone: 9898 2257 – [geolocation]) is a Thai restaurant in Al Qurum commercial area. The restaurant is located in one of the small building opposite Al Qurum Garden, the place is currently quite messy with a bit of construction going around, so it might not be too easy to find a parking spot near the restaurant.  Continue reading »

Aug 13, 2012

Salma’s Chocolates

I received a sampler from the new Omani chocolate boutique Salma’s Chocolate. This business was officially launched yesterday at Sultan’s Center in Al Qurum. The unique thing about Salma’s Chocolate is that it is a 100% local business and they prepare unique Omani inspired chocolates. The box I received had eight different kinds of speciality Omani chocolate with flavours including Omani halwa, mahoo Omani sweet, cocunut, zaater, ginger, cheesecake, and coffee. I really enjoyed all the different kinds I tried especially the halwa and the coconut ones. They all seemed delicate, full of character, and delicious.

I have no idea how much such a box would cost, but I’m really excited about Salma’s Chocolate and I am already thinking of buying some for Eid!

Check out the cool promotional video (ARABIC) for Salma’s Chocolate below.

Sep 23, 2011

Sultan Center Sushi Bar – Qurum Commercial Area

Sultan Center (2456 7666) has recently announced the launch of a new sushi bar in its Qurum branch where you can dine in and get takeaways from. The sushi bar is located in the far back of the ground floor of Sultan Center near what was supposed to be the hot food section (it was empty). The sushi bar at Sultan Center has about five or six stools to sit on which are extremely uncomfortable because they are way too low. Before we sat we asked the chef what kind of sushi we can order today, he handed us the menu and said we can order anything on it, but then it turned out that they were out of salmon so half the menu was unavailable.

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Aug 6, 2010

Bamboo Kitchen – Qurum Commercial Area

Bamboo Kitchen (Telephone: 96969645) is a Thai/Chinese restaurant located in the basement of Al Araimi Complex in Qurum Commercial Area. It is jointly operated with Golden Bean Cafe, which is a bit confusing because both the restaurants are attached to each other, have their menus joint, and share staff. Bamboo Kitchen is the restaurant with the green coloured furniture (pictured above) and its items are on the green pages of the menu, while Golden Bean Cafe is the purple-themed place and its items are on the purple pages of the menu.

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Oct 23, 2009

Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn is a casual dine-in and delivery pizza restaurant. It has relaunched recently and has two branches one in Qurum (2456 6111) and the other in Ruwi (2478 4555). We recently paid a visit to the branch in Al Araimi Complex in Qurum.

Pizza Inn Seating

Pizza Inn has a very similar feel and look to Pizza Hut, but a bit flashier because it has very recently opened. We went on an evening of a week day and the place was pretty busy, but we had no trouble finding a table.

Pizza Inn - Garlic Bread with Cheese

The menu in Pizza Inn is very similar to Pizza Hut, for starters they have garlic bread, chicken wings, french fries and potato wedges. In addition to these they have some salads, pastas, and, unlike Pizza Hut, they also serve RO1.5 Submarine sandwiches that come with french fries and a drink.

For the starters we had garlic bread with cheese (RO 1.2) which was really well done and not as hard as those served at Pizza Hut.

Pizza Inn Special

Pizza Inn has a variety of pizzas including a Taco Pizza, a Tandoori Pizza, a Hawaiian Pizza and several other ones. Pizzas come in small, medium, large, or family size (12 slices). We decided to have a family size Pizza Inn Special pizza (RO 6), this pizza had  pepperoni, sausage, beef, onions, mushrooms, black olives and green peppers. We really enjoyed it, we thought that the dough was very tender and barely had any traces of oil. The toppings also felt fresh.

We didn’t try any desserts but they had a couple pizza-style sweets. For the drinks we just had soft drinks, but surprisngly they were served in fast-food style plastic cups even though were dining in. The drinks were not refill-able.

In total we had one starter, one family size pizza, and four drinks, our bill came out to RO 9.800.

Overall we thought that the service was good and the food was really excellent. I was not happy about the way our drinks were served and I thought that our table was too small for our plates. If you are going to dine-in at Pizza Inn make sure you do not sit at the small tables if your group is going to be more than two people.

Aug 29, 2008

Jean’s Grill Reviewed @ Rashad’s

Blogger Rashad made a post about Jean’s Grill, the restaurant up in Sultan Center. I’ve never been the place myself, but according to Rashad the place serves an awesome breakfast buffet for RO 2.5. Check out his review over at his blog.

Aug 23, 2008

The Bollywood – Qurum Commercial Area

The Bollywood

The Bollywood (Telephone: 2456 5653) is a vegetarian Indian restaurant in Qurum Commercial Area right next to CCC. We felt adventurous a couple of weeks ago and decided to give this restaurant a go. The Bollywood has been around for years, it was previously known as Bollywood Chaat, but I do not know a single (Omani) person who has been to it before.

The Bollywood - Theme

The Bollywood restaurant is all (guess what?) Bollywood, the spacious restaurant is covered with photographs and posters in various shapes and sizes of Indian movie superstars. The crowd in The Bollywood is Indian and mostly families and couples. The Bollywood is not a fancy place unlike Mumtaz Mahal, the cost of food is lower and the service and venue is not as fancy either. I don’t think that it is licensed to serve alcohol because we were not offered a drinks menu. I don’t also think that were seated, we entered the restaurants and had to look for a table ourselves and only after we sat a waiter came to us with a menu.

Tandoor Platter - The Bollywood

The Bollywood only serves vegetarian food – we did not know that before sitting down. I personally considered leaving when the waiter told us this, but we decided to just give it a try because were not that hungry anyway. Unfortunately the menu of The Bollywood is not very helpful, it has all sorts of fancy ethnic dish names but they barely had any explanation of what that dish actually was.  We asked the waiter for help but he couldn’t explain anything to as at all. So we ended up picking stuff that had pictures of them on the menu. For the starter we had a Tandoor Platter (pictured above – RO 2.500) which was made up of different things which we did not know, some of these things had a texture of minced beef burger but tasted quite unique in a good way, some bits of it were moderatly spicy.

Cheese Paratha - The Bollywood

We also had a some paratha bread with cheese (pictured above – RO 0.900)  and some buttered naan bread (not pictured – RO 0.450) ,  the cheese paratha bread was awesome. It came perfectly warm and the cheese inside it tasted amazing.

Veg Biryani - The Bollywood

I very rarely eat rice on regular days, so I always take the opportunity to try out a rice dish  if I’m in an Indian restaurant, EVNE WHEN ITS VEGETARIAN… unfortunately though I did not like the vegeterian biryani (pictured above – RO 1.350)  of The Bollywood, it was quite spicy, but somehow I just did not like it. I did not like the mix of things they had in it and I thought that it was boring without any chicken.

Chole Bhature

My friend had a Chole Bhature for his main dish, it was a spicy chickpeas dish that come with funny looking bread.The only memory my friend has of this is that it was too spicy for him.

Kala Katta - The Bollywood

We decided to also try a new drink at The Bollywood, so we went for Kala Katta (pictured above – RO 0.400), we tried very hard to make the waiter explain to us what it was made up of, but we did not understand one word of what he said, the drink turned out to be some sort of fruit-like juice, reddish-black in coloured, it tasted quite sour and very weird (vimto and laban mix?). It was not cold enough and I did not like it.

At the end we had one starter, two main courses, some bread, two drinks, our bill came out at RO 7.850.

Our dining experiece at The Bollywood was quite *unique* to say the least, the fact that a place is vegetarian will probably be a turn-off to many people. The waiters did not guide us through the menu to help order stuff which we might like. I do not think that I will be going back anytime soon. However, I am sure that a vegeterian Indian family that has an idea of the food served would likely enjoy the place. Others willing to pay a little bit more for a better Indian experience can visit the Mumtaz Mahal instead where there is greater variety in food, the ambience is nicer, and the service is way much better.

Jul 15, 2008

Cafe Ceramique – Qurum Commercial Area

Cafe Ceramique

Cafe Ceramique is a new cafe/art-workshop that opened a couple of months ago in Al Araimi Complex in Qurum Commercial Area. What I mean by a cafe/art-workshop is that the cafe serves food and also offers you ceramic pieces which you can purchase and paint at the cafe as well. Visiting the place was an awesome experience, the food was great and we had so much fun with the painting.

Cafe Ceramique

Ceramique Cafe is located on the ground floor of Al Araimi Complex right next to where Baskin Robins is. We came around 6.30pm and the place was almost empty, but by the time we left (around 9.30pm) the place was almost full. The crowd seemed to be mostly families with their children with a very few groups of mature people with no kids.

Cafe Ceramique

The food menu of Ceramique Cafe is half way between Darcy’s Kitchen and Cafe Barbera with hot and cold coffee drinks, juices, soft drinks, breakfasts dishes, bagels, sandwiches, quick bites, desserts and some other speciality dishes. We started our course from the drinks menu where we had a Cafe Latte (pictured above – RO 1.5), a Minty Lemon Juice (RO 2.2) and a couple of Mix n’ Match Juices (you mix two fresh juices – not pictured – RO 1.9). I had a Mix n’ Match Orange and Mango juice which I thought was really good.

Cafe Glacier

For the main course I had a Tough-in-The-Gulf Club Sandwich (it is the only club sandwich they have – pictured above – RO 3.5) which you can order with salad or with chips, I had mine with chips and I loved i, especially for its salad fillings. We also ordered a Chicken Quesadilla (pictured below- RO 3.6) which can also be ordered with salad of chips, and comes also with three dips. My other friend had a Chicken “Shawarma Pockets”(pictured down below – RO 3.5) which was pretty hard to handle, but supposedly tasted great as well.

Chicken Quesadilla

We thought that the food at Cafe Ceramique was great and the service was also good enough, but we also wanted to try out the painting part, which was the thing that made this place special. To paint a ceramic piece at the cafe you simply have to pick one from any of the shelves in the store, there are loads of different ones in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there are plates, cups, mugs, pots, boxes, ashtrays, and all sorts of statues and simple decoration pieces. The price of the piece is placed on its bottom and I think that it ranges from RO 2 to RO 15 or so, depending on the size and the shape.

Shawarma Pockets

Once you select the piece you want to paint, you are given a paper to select 5 colours and 2 outliners. These colours are then given to you with a sponge, water, and a set of brushes. You can colour as you please (instructions for this or the table paper and an *artist* is available in the store to help you if you need drawing guidance!) and when you are done you have to leave it in the cafe for them to fire the piece and glaze it (that takes at least 7 days).  You are given a receipt which you must use to collect your piece after the completion date. The pieces are all supposed to be microwave and dishwasher friendly and the colours do not contain any toxins so you can eat and drink using them.

Cafe Ceramique

The painting activity is really fun and relaxing, it felt like art classes from school, but seriously this is not something that you should attempt to do without planning on spending a lot of time in the cafe. We stayed for more than three hours and decided to leave cause it was already kinda late even though in theory we thought we can spend even much more time painting.

Ceramique Cafe - Omani Cuisine

Ceramique Cafe is the perfect place to go to if you have a family and would like to do something fun or even if you dont’ have a family and still want to go out and try something different for the weekend!

We’ll post a photo of the Omani Cuisine artwork when we get the piece from Cafe Ceramique next week!