May 2, 2008

Cafe Glacier – Al Khuwair

Cafe Glacier

Cafe Glacier is a very old coffee shop in Zakher Mall in Al Khuwair. It is, just like Darcy’s Kitchen, a unique Omani franchise. It has two branches, the main one in Al Khuwair, and the second smaller one in Markaz Al Bahja. Even though it opened in 1995, I’ve never actually been to it before last year.

Cafe Glacier

Glacier of Zakher Mall is not the most spacious of restaurants, there are less than 10 tables inside and a couple outside the cafe in the mall side. However, the place is not tight in space at all, and I think that smoking is prohibited inside the coffeeshop. I’ve only been to Glacier around lunch time and the place did not seem busy at all during any of my visits.

Cafe Glacier

Glacier’s menu is made up of a long list of cold drinks and juices, ice creams, pancakes and waffles, but in addition to these they also serve rolls and sandwiches, salads, and snacks such as burgers and different types of stews.

Cafe Glacier - Club Sandwiches

On 99.9% of the times we have Glaciers we always go for the club sandwiches. Glacier’s club sandwiches are one of the best in town, if not THE best. The club sandwich meal comes with potato chips and is very filling. The reputation of club sandwiches at work is unchallengeable, it is our definitive take away lunch ever.

Cafe Glacier - Sate Maison

On the remaining 00.1% of the times we order at Glacier we usually got for the Sate Maison that comes with peanut sauce. I enjoyed it when I had last time, even though that must’ve been really ages ago.

Toasted sandwiches such as the club sandwich cost from RO 1.700 to 2.600, salads cost from RO1.400 to RO 3.200, snacks cost from RO 1.500 to RO 3.400, cakes cost around RO 0.800, ice creams around 2.500, and pancakes and waffles cost from 1.100 to 2.100.

I didn’t really try a lot of things at Glacier, but I really can’t recommend the club sandwiches enough, I think that it is the perfect office lunch for those who want to have something simple yet delicious at a place that is not crowded at lunch time!

  • Doesn’t it look a bit over-priced ?

  • It is a bit more expensive than your average cafe, but the majority of the meals they have come with chips and a soft drink and the portions they give out are not little, so I guess it’s OK. It is the same class as Darcy’s.

  • kay

    The only reason I go to Glacier are the waffles and Ice cream and not the sandwiches.

  • sara

    what about their pancakes? the best 😀

  • yea l luv this café in madinat qaboos at the the back of Center Franco Omanais — it is bit smaller but i just luv the coffee there.
    not to mention the scorns

  • john

    hey can anybody tell me if they serve vegetarian sandwiches/rolls/burgers etc… thnks a lot

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  • Drs_torio

    amjad-over priced- maybe you dont have money to spend,
    blue_chi any customers they are coming on thier own restaurant,they are coming on the original taste on one resturant
    pancakes is the best
    lub u glacier