Jul 25, 2011

BreadTalk Ramadan Specials

The Omani Cuisine received a surprise package in the mail today from BreadTalk – a speciality bakery in Bareeq Al Shatti Mall. The package had a set of BreadTalk’s upcoming Ramadan special mini treats called “Petite Delicacies” which has a combination of savory and sweet items. The “Petite Delicacies” will be available during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid.

I am kind of ashamed to say this, but this was actually the first time I ever try something from BreadTalk – and it was quite good!! Have you guys been to BreadTalk before? What do you think of it?

  • Bishmahruqi

    I’ve had it before, and I love their food
    Plus their service is super nice!

  • Guest

    Yes, I’ve been there a few times, and I love the concept, the food is great, and you can get some decent coffee from Second Cup next door too.

  • Guest

    i’ve been there before,, i think their prices are abit high but food is definitely delicious 

  • mohdsajwani

    tried it before…altough it is a bit expensive however…it is really amazing and worth the price 😀

  • Firyal

    I went to try their Ramdhan specials two days ago.. it was expensive but delicious!  

  • raniya alkhusaibi

    had some of those,,, soo yum!

    great blog btw 🙂


  • raniya alkhusaibi

    i love bread talk, but it’s kinda pricy coz 1 is never enough 🙁

  • Webb

     As everybody else has mentioned, it is good but expensive in comparison to their prices outside Oman. Why is it that every international brand – be it clothing, food etc. is always over priced in Oman?