May 27, 2008

Biella – Muscat City Centre

Biella - Muscat City Centre

Biella is a new Italian restaurant that has opened in Muscat City Centre right below the Noodle House. We have been waiting for this restaurant to open for ages and have called up City Centre several times to ask when the hell it will open. I heard a couple of days ago that it has finally opened up so we had to pay it a visit ASAP. I have no idea if this is an international franchise, but I know that it has a branch in Dubai.


The atmosphere and seating area at Biella are both quite nice. There are loads of seats inside the restaurant. The place is divided into two main sections, one for smokers and the other for non-smokers, however, there are not real separators between the two sections, but we could not tell if smoke could be an issue because the place was almost empty when we went there.

Biella - Starter

Biella has just opened three days ago, so just like Japengo the other day, their menu is not fully available yet. We took a bit of time to decide on what to have, we were a little bit hungry and everything on the menu sounded delicious. We ended up having a ‘Insalata Di Pollo Con Aceto Balsamico’ (RO 3.6 – pictured above) which I thought would be some cheese coated chicken starter, but turned out to be chicken salad with cheese balls (How come I didn’t notice the insalata?!). It was alright, for a salad at least, but it was not really our usual idea of a starter.

Risotto Al Frutti Mare

My colleague and I hand originally wanted to have something from the sandwich menu, but it was not available for serving yet, so we ended up having a sea food spaghetti (pictured above) and a L’affumicata pizza (RO 4.4 – picured below) which had onions, mushrooms, pepperoni and chicken. I loved the bread of my pizza, but that was about it. I do not like mushrooms and I thought that the onions were just way too much. I probably ordered the wrong meal and that’s why I did not like it much. My colleague thought that the spaghetti was nice, but not AMAZING. I thought exactly the same about my pizza, not bad, but not the best I’ve had for sure and nowhere near that.

Laffumicata Pizza

We wanted to have a cheese cake and a chocolate fudge cake for the desserts, but none of these were available yet, so we thought that we will have a Tiramasu (RO 3 – pictured below) instead which we thought was just alright. It was quite large in size and can be shared with one or two people.

Biella - Tiramisu

We thought that the service of Biella was excellent, the staff were very friendly, probably a bit too much because the place has just opened. The place was not busy at all while were were there, so the whole fleet of waiters was buzzing on our table all the time asking us how our food was. They had a small blooper though and broke a glass we had on our table, luckily nobody got hurt.

We ordered 1 starter, 2 main courses, 1 fresh juice, 1 fruit cocktail, and 1 desert, our bill came out to RO 21.

We thought that our experience at Biella was okay, but I personally did not think that the food was all that. I would give it a 7/10 for the quality of the food and I’m being very generous. That is probably because we ordered the wrong stuff, salad was a bad idea of the starter and my choice of Pizza was badly not compatible with my taste. Might give it another chance, but only for the sake of experimentation and not when I’m craving for a good meal.

  • I love the pics though! The food LOOKS good, and sometimes that’s all that matters lol :p

  • is it just me or pizzas don’t taste that great in Italian restaurants?

    I’ve been to a lot of Italian restaurant that serve pizza, but surprisingly it didn’t taste that good. I would rather have my pizza from franchises like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

  • Bling

    One of the best Italian restaurants, I’ve been there couple of times and it’s much better than O Sol Mio and Pane Caldo.

  • Mrs. Lovenia A. Geraldo

    I love the picture of my husband posted here! Thanks for posting his picture . His son was so happy to see his Dad on the Omani Cuisine Website. The food looks delicious, so inviting & very impressive ambiance in & out the restaurant ! Goodluck & more power to BIELLA !!!

  • Mrs. Cristine N. Geraldo

    Gud to see u der! Nice work u have now. hihihi

  • Mrs. Wendy T. Adoracion

    I just love to see my husband’s pix there! His twin girls are very happy to see him! Can’t wait to see u! More power…

  • Fabrizio Poli

    Being half Italian and having lived in Milan for over 20 years I know what good Italian food tastes like. The customer service in Biella's is excellent and the food is the best Italian you get get in Muscat. The Chefs may be Phillipino , but they sure know how to make a true Italian Pizza.

    As far as pizza in outlets like pizza hut or others mentioned here that is American Pizza whih is nothing like the real thing!!!

  • Mukhaini

    this place food is not up to the standard of Dubai branch if you'r looking for Italian food in almost same Price go to Osole Meo or Jump to Tscani

  • golfman_story

    What a useful post here. Very informative for me..TQ friends…

  • mario_cioni

    Non credo che riusciate a fare della buona cucina italiana. Forse il locale e' anche bello, ma anni luce dalla vera qualita' italiana. Mi dispiace. Ho scritto in italiano perche' e' riferito al propietario che italiano NON E'.

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