Mar 18, 2010

B+F Roadside Diner – Bareeq Al Shatti

B+F Roadside Diner is a burger restaurant in Bareeq Al Shatti mall (Telephone: 2469 8836). It is located on the far right side of the mall if you enter from any of the main entrances. B+F (short for Burger & Fries) is supposedly a branch of another restaurant called Burger Boutique originally from Kuwait.

Unfortunately B+F was crowded as usual when we went to it, so we couldn’t take proper photographs of the seating area. The restaurant is not massive in size and is stuffed with many tables and chairs, it is not uncomfortably crowded, but it is not exactly the place to go to if you want to have a private conversation. B+F has a unique theme of low lighting and modern stylish art. It is almost always crowded in the evening, on weekends it is normal to record your name and wait for up to 45 minutes before you get seated. They will offer to take your mobile phone number so that you can walk around the mall until they call you to come inside. B+F does not take phone reservations anymore.

B+F offers a variety of burgers, salads, grilled meals, and pizza, but the place is ALL about the burgers. We do still take starters when we go there, the starters they offer include nachos, soups, beef skewers, and a variety of tex mex starters. We had this time the Spicy Chicken Quesadilla (pictured above – RO 2.450) which I thought was awesome. It was not really spicy, but still full of flavour, the bread was also nice and tender.

There are loads and loads of burgers at B+F, some classics, some gourmet, some in sandwich form, you name it. Each of these burgers may be served in “Burger Style” which is your regular burger or in “Slider Style” in which you will get two mini burgers served on a long pad. This time we had a Bacon Swiss burger (pictured above – RO 2.850) which had a juicy beaf patty, beaf bacon, swiss cheese, grilled onion, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, pickles, and a special B+F sauce. It came in the perfect size and I really liked it, it was juicy as described and the sauce was nice.

We also ordered a Oz Gourmet burger (pictured above – RO 4.250) which had a grilled beaf patty, topped with cheddar cheese, fried eggs, onion rings, bacon, tomato, pickles, beetroot, lettuce, ketchup and mayo. It was a bit hard to handle as it was big, but it was still quite nice!

For the drinks we had a Banana Berry Smoothie (1.950)  which had fresh banans and mixed berries and a Red Planet (RO 2.250) which had red berry, pomegranate, pineapple, and apple juice. I really liked my Red Planet, I thought it was refreshing and the pomegranate bits were cool!

B+F also offers a number of sidelines such as fries and onion rings and desserts such as cakes and brownies, but we didn’t try any of them during our visit.

The service is B+F is good, the staff are very friendly and talkative, the food took a bit of time to get to us, but we did not mind it.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 main courses, and 2 smoothies, our bill came to RO 14.438.

I love B+F, their food is amazing and the atmosphere is nice for people who into that sort of place. If you have not tried yet you are really missing out!

If you are another B+F addict, what is your favorite burger?

  • Adil

    Definitely (Up in Smoke, Burger Style) Chili Bullets and Dynamite Fries are good too (Starters)

  • Thanks for passing by Adil, I always try different things in B+F, don't have a favorite yet!

  • Taby

    Not a burger fan. To me all the taste the same, I found the place too crowded and noisy. Definetly not on my list.

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  • RRH


  • RRH

    I did not like the ambience, service & food… waste of money and time….it takes almost 45 minutes to get your first dish.

  • My favourite is the Midnight slider’s style.

  • Ffcgmfb

    i love the dinomite hotdogrn

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  • The idea of a garage style is creative.. however I didn’t like the music, -bit noisy- -.-nthe place was really crowded. I wonder how the waiter moves around xPnWe ordered Dynamite fries, Midnight mini burgers, and Classic mini burgers .. All take awaynLiked the bag and the boxes they delivered the meal in for take away.. all in a garage mood :DnLoved all what I ordered! :)nI’ll definitely go again, but just for take aways ^^

  • Emadoman5

    oh same with me 🙂

  • Foxy_mama4

    TOTALYY LOVIN’ IT !!!nThree things : n1.I hate that the place is kinda small a bit bigger space would be better :Dn2.The waiters are kinda “u0645u0641u0647u064au064au064au064au064au0646 xD”n3.The service is slow 😛 *waiters work faster xP*nnevertheless the resturant is AWESOME !! looved the dynamite fries *yuuuuuummmmm* ^^ everythin’ else is justt awesooommeee !!!!!! 😀 😀 “only if there was a home delivery service” o.o

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  • n I wannan find more info about this, anybody could?n

  • Alex

    Good price, atmosphere, and service.nnAnd good food.

  • Foxyfox

    Where is the best Burger in Muscat?

  • Rrr

    i am an addict tooooo

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  • salah

    I just don’t know why soup is not a take away item? Any reason?

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  • Abdullah AL Kindi

    Machine gun is my favourite burger,,
    Just to mention the steaks were not anygood at b+f

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  • sulaiman

    Well , i am gone be harsh alittle bit by saying this the worest resturent i”ve tried in town,,, the seating is so packed in a very unconfortable way, diffently not the right place to have a conversation while having ur meal. too crowded and too much noise. I had rib eye steak which was horrible!!! for desserts i had browne and the presentaion was just awful , but the taste was not too bad,,, waste of money and time

  • Hamed Dad

    Awesome place !!
    Great food for great price!!

  • Abdulaziz alrawahi

    The food is really good, but the restaurant is like a fish market, too crowded, n toooo noisy…but I like the food….

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  • Jihan

    This place is really good but I have noticed that their food portions have reduced…another this is the place is really small they need to expand or open up another branch..just love the classic burger????????