Mar 18, 2011

Best Burger – Zakher Mall

Best Burger (Telephone: 2447 5068) is a restaurant located in Zakher Mall in Al Khuwair, the restaurant is jointly operated along with Dream Cones – the ice cream place in Zakher. If you park in front of the main entrance of Zakher Mall and enter from the Dream Cone entrance, Best Burger should be right in the center of that hall.

There are a lot of seats, tables, and coffee style chairs in Best Burger, I’ve been at the place for both lunch and dinner and the place never seemed to get crowded. From personal experience I advise people to sit somewhere near the cashier or at any other location that would be easily visible to the waiters (i.e. not at the back) if you want to make sure that the waiters notice you when you want something. In my first visit I sat at the bank and I had to walk to the cashier to check if I had to make order from or what when nobody came to us after waiting for a little while.

Best Burger can easily win the award for the most confusing, least appealing, and ugliest menu ever made. The place is called Best Burger, but it is very hard to tell where the burgers are on their menu and all the images on the menu are horrible. After examining the menu clearly, it seems that Best Burger offers basically one main beef burger which you can have with cheese, chili, or zinger secret sauce. There is also a chicken Teriyaki burger and a vege burger. In addition to this Best Burger also offers some spaghetti dishes, wraps, a steak, some lamb chops, a caesar salad, fish and chips and a plate of cheese-chili fries. That’s almost really pretty it – though seriously confusing the menu is pretty short.

So for the starter we thought we’ll share a plate of Cheese Chili Fries (RO 1.500) which had fries topped with beef, beans chili and a spicy sauce, the portion of the fries was large enough to share between two people, I really liked it and I highly recommend it.

The Zinger with the Secret Sauce (RO 2.200) came with the special sauce, lettuce, tomato, a slice of cheese, and the biggest slice of onion I’ve ever seen. Though a bit messy and hard to handle,I still really liked the patty, but I have to say that I thought the buns were very average. If you do not like onions make sure to tell them explicitly to take it out.

There are no desserts on Best Burger’s menu, maybe because they think you should get something from Dream Cone on your way out? We did not go for the meal option for our burgers and go our drinks separately – one glass of orange juice and one glass of lemon mint (RO 1.5 each), which were good but nothing special – I had to admit though that I thought that their juice portions were generous in comparison to what you get at other places.

In total one plate of cheese chili fries, two burgers, and two fresh juices. In total RO 8.900.

I thought that the service was OK, but not the best because waiters seemed to be occupied with both Best Burger and Dream Cone, and if you sit somewhere in the back they might not notice you at all.

Best Burger is a nice addition to burger places in town, but they must work on their branding if they want people to trust the place.