Aug 6, 2010

Bamboo Kitchen – Qurum Commercial Area

Bamboo Kitchen (Telephone: 96969645) is a Thai/Chinese restaurant located in the basement of Al Araimi Complex in Qurum Commercial Area. It is jointly operated with Golden Bean Cafe, which is a bit confusing because both the restaurants are attached to each other, have their menus joint, and share staff. Bamboo Kitchen is the restaurant with the green coloured furniture (pictured above) and its items are on the green pages of the menu, while Golden Bean Cafe is the purple-themed place and its items are on the purple pages of the menu.

Bamboo Kitchen is a pretty nice looking restaurant and it is quiet spacious, but there are no tables that seat more than four people at a time. We went on a Monday at 8pm and the place was pretty empty. Al Araimi is not exactly the most happening mall so I’m not sure if the place ever gets crowded.

Bamboo Kitchen serves a good variety of Thai and Chinese, for the starters we had a portion of Prawn Rolls (RO 1.900) which came with a sweet chili dip and it was great!

We also ordered a Crispy Prawn Salad (RO 3.200), which to our surprise had the same prawn rolls we ordered for our starter – it was fine because we liked the prawn rolls, but we thought we would be getting something different.

For the main course we had a portion of Chuka Suba & Chicken (RO 4.2000) which basically was a chicken noodles cooked with various spices and baby corn. The other main course we had is Spicy Beef (pictured below – RO 4.800) which came with a side plate of boiled rice. I thought that both dishes were okay, but a bit too spicy for me – even though I consider myself a fan of spicy food.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 1 salad, 2 main courses, 1 juice, and 1 small water, our bill came to RO 16.400.

I thought that the food was OK, though no super special and in my opinion not better than Shang Thai or Noodle House, we were very irritated by the service of Bamboo Kitchen, it took a seriously long time for the waiters to acknowledge our presence, everyone seems to be on the other side of the restaurant (Golden Bean Cafe) and they just didn’t see us. Even after they realised we are there, took our order, and starter bringing the food, we couldn’t get anyone to get us an empty plate when we needed one to share the food.

I was not really impressed by Bamboo Kitchen, did anybody try this place? What was your experience like?