May 2, 2012

As Sammak – Jebel Sifah

As Sammak (Telephone: 2474 9111 – Map) is a beachside seafood restaurant located in Al Sifah which is a bit more than 40 KM south of the capital, it is technically part of the Sifawy Boutique Hotel in Jebel Al Sifah, but it is detached from the hotel.

The concept of As Sammak is pretty fun because it is a seafood restaurant that is located ON the actual beach. The restaurant is built like a wooden hut and has a covered up section and an outer section on the sand. The covered up section is only semi-indoors because the restaurant is open from outside and has only fans for air conditioning. We went exactly at noon on a Friday and by the time we left around 2pm the restaurant was totally fully occupied in the semi-indoors section.

The menu of As Sammak is primarily made up of four different set menus that come with a different combination of sea food along with mezze starters and a large bottle of water. As sammak also offers additional side orders, a kids menu, cold and hot drinks, and desserts. We decided to go for the “Al Sifah” set and the “El Marina” set. Both of the items we ordered came with a selection of mezze that consisted of green salad, babaghanoush, tahini, rocket salad, and arabic pita bread. The tahini felt like a watery plate of hummous, but it was still nice because of the kick of spiciness it had. I also enjoyed the salads and the babaghanoush, but I did not like the bread at all, because I thought it was a bit stale.

The first set we ordered was “Al Sifah” (RO 16.000) which had shairi fish, lobster, and jumbo prawns. I thought that this was the better set we had, the lobster was well done and the fish was extremely delicious. We ordered fries on the side with this order and even though I thought the fries were a little bit small in portion, but they were also good nonetheless.

The second set we had was “El Marina” (RO 12.000) which had grilled hammour fillet, jumbo prawns, and deep fried calamaris. The prawns were great and the hammour was nice, but it was not as nice as the fish we had with other dish. We ordered rice on the side with this one and I didn’t like it much, it was brown in color, but really quite bland.

We wanted to try out some of the desserts, but unfortunately on the day we visited they were out of everything except the slices of pineapple, which we didn’t feel like having at the time.

In total we ordered 2 mains and 3 juices. Our bill came to RO 40.

I thought that the service at As Sammak was great, even though there seemed to be only one waiter at the restaurant, he had everything under control, was extremely professional, very cheerful and gave us suggestions on what we have.

I really enjoyed my time at As Sammak, I thought that the food was amazing, the setting was gorgeous, and the service good. It is unfortunate that it is too far out of town for me to go visit it more frequently, however, I think that it is a must visit for anyone staying at Sifawy Boutique Hotel and would surely make a nice part of any day trip made to sifah.

Has anybody else been here, what do you guys think of this place?