Sep 28, 2012

Almouj Golf Academy Restaurant – The Wave

Almouj Golf Academy Restaurant (Telephone: 2200 5990  – Map) is a restaurant located at the golf club of The Wave. The Academy Restaurant is open to the public and anybody can come to dine and hangout at the place without the need to be a member of the club or play any actual golf. The Almouj Golf is part of The Wave, but it is not the same exact compound. To enter Almouj Golf  you need to drive down November 18th street towards Seeb, and you will find the entrance to Almouj Golf a few kilometers before main entrance of the The Wave.

The most amazing thing about the Academy Restaurant is that it stuck right next to the gorgeous golf court of Almouj Golf. There are indoors and outdoors tables that oversee the lush green court. Unfortunately during my visit I thought that the weather was still too hot to enjoy sitting outside around noon, but I still enjoyed the view from inside. I have been to the Academy Restaurant a few times, and it always seem to be quiet with a few occupied tables.

The menu of the Academy Restaurant is diverse as it contains a breakfast section, snacks, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, and a variety of mains and seafood dishes.

On my visit for lunch we had BBQ Chicken Wings (RO 6) for the starter which came with a sweet chili dip. The menu description said that it came with a salad, but I really wouldn’t call a couple of leaves in a cup a salad (pictured above). I still thought that the chicken wings were amazing, they were tender and rich in flavor, the dip was pretty nice, too.

For the main course I decided to go for a Wave Burger (RO 7) – a beef burger that is topped with either (a) cheese melt, (b) grilled onions, fried egg, and beef bacon strips, or (c) beef bacon and cheddar cheese. I thought that my burger was nice and the portions were quiet big.

For dessert we had a Cheese Cake (RO 4 – not pictured) that came with lemon sorbet. The cheese cake was OK, but the lemon sorbet was super delicious and refreshing.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 mains, 1 dessert, and 2 fresh juices. Our bill came to RO 28 exactly.

I thought that that service of the Academy Restaurant was not so great, the introductory bread basket was not brought to our table except after our starter was brought in. A few items on the menu were also not available (all the dishes that used flat bread) and we were not informed of this except after our orders were taken, so we had to choose different things.  That still didn’t spoil my overall experience at the place, but was just annoying.

I enjoyed my experience at Almouj Golf Academy Restaurant. I think that it is expensive (e.g. RO 6 for a few pieces of chicken wings), but I guess this is reasonable for a restaurant at a luxurious golf club. The view and ambiance of the restaurant are amazing, especially as we will be able to sit outside as the weather cools down.

One random thing that I really admired at the Academy Restaurant is that the prices on the menu include all taxes, so you pay exactly what you see on the menu in whole round figures. There should be a law that forces restaurant to do this. Thumbs up to Almouj Golf for being transparent with their prices.

Have you guys been to Almouj Golf?