Nov 24, 2011

Al Tajin Grill – Radisson Blu

I was recently invited by the Radisson Blu hotel in Al Khuwair to try out their restaurant “Al Tajin Grill” (Telephone: 2448 7777 – Map). Radisson Blu is located at the edge of Al Khuwair commercial area. Al Tajin Restaurant can be found on the left side of the ground floor of hotel.

The seating area in Tajin is spacious and has an elegant Omani theme that features a traditional wooden ceiling and  Omani antiques displayed around the restaurant. We went to Al Tajin on a week day and the crowd seemed to be a mix of expatriate couples and older Omani couples. It was not very crowded and generally quiet.

The name and theme of Al Tajin might create some confusion because Al Tajin is associated with Moroccan cuisine, the theme inside the restaurant on the other hand is traditional Omani which might indicate that it is serving Omani food, but the restaurant doesn’t serve either and focuses only on steaks and other grills.

The concept of Al Tajin is that it serves a starter buffet, a main to be ordered from a menu, and then desserts to be self-served from a dessert station. You can also add an extra RO 7.000 to have unlimited glasses of beer, wine, or a collection of non-alcoholic drinks.

The starters buffet of Al Tajin is your typical Middle Eastern/Lebanese starter set with hummous, tabouleh, fattoush, and others, and while it was nice, I cannot really say that it was special or even memorable. I was also quite irritated by the fact that actual Lebanese bread was nowhere to be found – I looked at the bread station but they had some buns and no Lebanese bread, it must have been an issue at that specific night because it doesn’t make any sense to serve Lebanese starters without Lebanese bread.

The mains of Al Tajin basically consist of a variety of grilled seafood dishes and steaks. I had the special “Al Tajin Fisherman’s Platter” which consisted of grilled prawns, fish and lobster. I thought that all the items on my platter were perfectly made, rich in flavor and large in portion. I also enjoyed the grilled vegetables that came on the side as well. My friend on the other hand had a fancy “Grilled Striploin of Wagyu Beef” which he enjoyed, but like all steak places in Oman, he ordered to have his steak cooked to medium, but it came as the Omani version of medium which is medium well.

Desserts at Al Tajin are served from the dessert station which had a few varieties of cakes, chocolate mousse, and some fruit salad. I personally was not very impressed by the variety served, I tried the chocolate mousse which was nice but again not really memorable.

I thought that the service at Al Tajin was great, the waiters seemed to be friendly, cheerful, and gave some advice on what we should have. The food didn’t take a long time to get to our table and it came exactly at we ordered.

The variety of grills at Al Tajin is good and the platter I had was excellent. I wasn’t a big fan of the starters or the desserts though. I would have certainly preferred to order a starter or a dessert from a menu to have it made specifically for me if they offered that option but they don’t. However, I still had a very pleasant experience and I recommend this place to those looking for a high end steak and grills restaurant.