Aug 15, 2013

Al Mukhtar – Al Khuwair

Al Mukhtar

Al Mukhtar (Telephone: 2448 6222 | Map) is a Lebanese restaurant located in Al Khuwair 33. If you are coming from Said bin Taimur Mosque and going towards the Higher College of Technology, you need to drive to the T-junction and turn right, then drive all the way down until you see Al Mukhtar restaurant on the left side of the road.

Al Mukhtar

Al Mukhtar is pretty spacious, elegant for a Lebanese restaurant, and has a large number of tables. I went on a Friday for lunch and the place was almost empty, later on a few tables were occupied by what seems to be a family.

Al Mukhtar

The menu of Al Mukhtar serves lebanese breakfast, manakish, soups, cold appetizers, hot appetizers, salads, grills, seafood, and sandwiches.

For the starter we decided to go for a Rocca Salad (RO 1.700) and Al Mukhtar Hummous (RO 1.800). The salad was fresh and tasty, while the hummous had a special mix with tomatoes and was delicious. I was not a big fan of the bread that came with the hummous though because it was bland and felt like something you would get from a random bakery on the street, however, we were later presented with the special Al Mukhtar bread, which was baked in-house and was warm, fluffy and cloudy. If you are going to Al Mukhtar make sure you ask for the special bread.

Al Mukhtar
Al Mukhtar

For the main we had a plate of Mixed Grills (RO 4.400) and a plate of lamb chops (Kastaleta) (RO 4.600). Having both of these two items together with our starters was a bit too much for two people. The mixed grills were the same as what you would expect to have from any other Lebanese restaurant, i.e. had some chicken kebab, mutton kebab, chicken tikka and arayis, I thought that it was cooked well. The lamb chops were also nice, but not very memorable.

Al Mukhtar

For the drinks I had a sliced fruit cocktail (Shaqaf) (RO 1.400) that came with kiwi slices and nuts on top and was quite filling.

In total we ordered one starter, one salad, two mains, and two juices. Our bill came to RO 16.500.

I thought that the service at Al Mukhtar was good, the staff were friendly and the food came quickly and as ordered.

My experience at Al Mukhtar was great. I would surely consider it again when I feel like having Lebanese food. Have you guys been to it? Where would you go if you want to have a nice Lebanese meal?

  • Eva Mulyana Setiady

    After T Junction, you should turn ‘Right’ not left.

  • Thanks for the correction @evamulyanasetiady:disqus , fix it!

  • albarood

    I used to go there for having sandwiches. its good and tasty.