Oct 9, 2012

Al Khairan Restaurant – Al Bustan Palace

I recently visited Al Khairan Restaurant (Telephone: 2479 9666 – Map) in Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton Hotel. Al Khairan is a continental al carte restaurant with special themed night dinners and a special Friday brunch buffet. On this review I tried the Friday buffet.

The seating area of Al Khairan is spacious, brightly lit and gorgeous. There are indoors and outdoor seatings that oversee the infinity pool of Al Bustan and the Indian ocean. We went there for the Friday buffet, the place was not busy at all and the crowds seemed to be made up mostly of actual hotel guests.

The name of the Friday brunch buffet is a bit confusing because it is really a lunch buffet with a station made for cereal or something like that. The buffet is a middle-eastern and continental with a starters, soups, salads, cheeses, cold cuts, seafood, mains, and desserts. I tried some stuff from the Lebanese starters section such as hummus, muhammarah, and mujazzarah and they were all great. I also tried lentil soup which I also enjoyed.

I followed my starters by a visit to the seafood station where they had shrimps, mussel, crab, and lobster. I thought that the seafood was a bit messy to have, but it was still nice.

The main course section of the buffet had a big variety of rice dishes, grilled dishes, rice dishes, pastas, curries, and a prime rib beef station. I had some chicken biryani, shuwa, prime beef, and some broccoli. I thought the shuwa was surprisingly too spicy and wasn’t really comfortable to have. The chicken biryani on the other hand was well done and delicately spiced. The prime rib beef and the veggies were also really great.

The dessert station had a variety of cakes. I especially liked the berries campote, the blueberry cheesecake and the macaroons.

I really enjoyed my time at Al Khairan Restaurant, the atmosphere is very relaxing and the view is breathtaking, I thought that there was a good variety of foods which were prepared well and organized in a good manner.

The Friday Brunch at at Al Khairan costs RO 22.000 per person plus taxes.

Have you guys been to the buffet Al Khairan? What do you think of it?