Nov 24, 2010

Al Jood Restaurant | Al Khuwair

Al Jood (Telephone: 24472630) is a Lebanese restaurant located in the commercial area of Al Khuwair right next to the Turkish House Restaurant.

Al Jood is quite spacious and has seating over both the ground and first floor of the building, the restaurant looks nice for something in its class (the picture somehow shows the ugly back side of the chairs they look a bit nicer in reality).

Al Jood is a lebanese restaurant with an extensive menu of salads, cold mezzas, hot snacks, pastries, pizzas, soups, grilled food and kebabs, as well as Lebanese sweets. For the starter we order a plate of humous (RO 1.700) and a plate of rocket (rocca) salad (RO 1.500) that came with a basket of lebanese bread and a plate of pickles. Both were good and well made and enjoyed them thoroughly.

For the main course we ordered a single grilled (RO 4.500) which had a combination of chicken and beef grills that came on a light bed of onion salad and the whole thing was very good.

Unfortunately we did not try any of the desserts at Al Jood, even though the place is mostly known for its Arabic sweets. We were just too full and had just come from a cafe, so we didn’t feel like having any.

In total we ordered one starter, one salad, one main course, one fresh juice, and one bottle of water for a total of RO 10.100.

We were not blown away by the service of Al Jood, the waiters were politer than the previous time I’ve been at the place, but the it took them ages to get our food and we lost hope in having a waiter acknowledge our existence when we wanted to pay our bill so we had to walk to the cashier ourselves and pay at the desk.

The food of Al Jood is not the best in town and surely not better than Turkish House in my opinion, however it is still good and it is a good option if you cannot handle the crowds at the Turkish House next door.

  • Loulou_1112

    i am a lebanese lady and i recently went to al jood resturant and i found the food so delicious and great and i had no problem with the service,simply i found that this resturant represents the main lebanese taste and confidently advice everyone to go and try

  • Lililou_m

    i always go there and i find there meals fabulous and i disagree that the service isnt goodn

  • Al Lawati

    its the best lebanese restaurant in the town.nService, taste, and everything..nAdvice every1 to try it

  • Ihab

    I’m also quite a fan of Al Jood. Each time I’ve been there it’s been delicious. Every appetizer I’ve tried cold or hot has been excellent (batata harra, hummus, falafel, the cheese w/ tomato and onion, mousakka) and I’ve yet to have a problem with service. Excellent shish tawook. Also you can pick a fish from the ice they have on display and they will grill it for you to perfection.

  • stgilgen

    A map would be a nice addition to this site, for a newbie, no clue where this is!