Nov 14, 2010

Al Hamra | Al Khuwair

Al Hamra (2448 2955) is a new Lebanese restaurant in Al Khuwair. The restaurant is located right next to Rotana Hotel which can be reached if you are coming from McDonald’s Al Khuwair by taking the right turn right before the Zawawi mosque on the service road – the restaurant is a few seconds after the mosque before the end of that road.

The size of Al Hamra is quite decent with many big tables, a quiet area at the back for couples and families, and a private room for dinner parties. Unlike the many Lebanese restaurants known for their excessive use of fake house plants and ugly furniture,  I thought that the place looked really nice and had a nice atmosphere.

We were not the most adventure during our visit at Al Hamra, so for the starter we ordered a plate of hommos (crushed chickpeas) (RO 1.300), in my previous visit to Al Hamra the bread was heavenly and tender, in the visit in which these pictures the bread was just alright – it was nice, but nowhere as good as what we had the other day. The hommos was good as usual though!

For the main course we had a Kabab Kheshkakh (pictured above – RO 2.400) which was minced beef mixed with various spices served with fries, pickles, some flat bread thing with leaves on them (? – but very tasty), a homos dip, and a chilli dip! The kabab is buried below everything on placed on that plate! We also ordered a plate of Shish Taouk (grilled chicken pieces – RO 2.500) which came with the same things as the kabab. We thought that both dishes were good, in my first visit I preferred the kabab over the chicken, but this second time I thought that the kebab came a little bit cold.

For the dessert we tried a plate of Kunafah (RO 0.950) which was a bit too creamy for my taste, and I’m really not a big fan of Arabic sweats, so I couldn’t have more than one.

For drinks we ordered a lemonade with mint and a “Colored” fruit cocktail which I think had something like mango, strawberry and kiwi juice – I really liked it!

The food was good at Al Hamra, but the service at the time when we went for lunch was horrible. They usually have a buffet on for lunch and most people seem to go for it, yet somehow nobody seemed to care enough to come take our order after we got seated even after we told them that we would like to order from the menu. The attitude of the waitresses was strange to say the least, and we had to wait for about 15 minutes to get our hommos starter which shouldn’t have taken them more than a couple of minutes to serve (especially as they had all the bread and everything ready for the buffet). One of the waiters also almost dropped the glass of juice on our table. It was just a total disaster.

I have to admit that this was not the same case when we went for dinner at Al Hamra the other day, the food and the service were much more better.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 main courses, 2 juices, 1 bottle of water, 1 dessert, and our bill came to RO 10.150 in total.

Al Hamra let me down in my second visit to it, but I’m hoping that this is just a consistency issue that they will sort out as the restaurant is still quite new.

Has anybody else been to Al Hamra, what did you guys think?

  • king

    rnthe food, the service, the prices i feel they were really good. rnrnWhat I loved the most is their food and especially the bread, really really good.rnThe service was ok, not the best i have seen but was ok, i think it should get better with time (itu2019s still new :))rnrnI must have been there like 15 times in the past two months, in short, itu2019s one of the best Lebanese restaurants n I love it :Drnrn

  • lepard

    i love the food and service at alhamrani have been there at least 30 times

  • BuCharn

    -The resataurant:nNice restaurant. The furniture, silverwear & decor are very nice/higher quality than most restuarants around.nn-The Food:nLunch Buffet is great & variety of food is quite extensive…excellent bread..nice sweets..didn’t try their fresh drinks though.nnn-Service:nIn my few visits i got mostly great service..i think the fact the restaurant is new reflects why some indicated longer than expected waiting time..hope the managment will sort that out.nnOverall:nNice dining atmosphere, great food, fantastic pita bread, service is ok.

  • Andy Allan

    Waiting staff are terrible playing on mobile phones laughing and joking about. management should have a clear out of staff and start again. This has the potential to be a great restaurant as the food is very good and reasonably priced.

  • Brishuan_alexander

    thank u for the waitres angelina for good service that u give it to my family in vip i woild like to thank u sow much keep at the gud work.